Get Clutter Free in 30-Days

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Congratulation on sticking to it.

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30 Day Challenge
Day Fifteen: Bedtime

Let’s get a little personal today - uh, I mean let's get your personal space a little organized today. We’ve worked on the kitchen, the laundry room, the pantry, the garage, the closets… let focus on your space – your sanctuary - your bedroom. Your bedroom: a place where you go to ‘get away’, where you go to have a little quiet time, where you go to rest your weary head at the end of the day (and possibly during the day, too).

Studies show that what you’re thinking when you nod off affects how you sleep and your mood when you wake up. So if your last mental image is of chaos and clutter, you’re not setting the right stage for quality sleep.

The good news is that you don’t have to remodel to streamline your bedroom. Rearrange the furniture (even better, removing a few items); declutter the area; and adopt a resolute mindset to keep your space harmonious and clutter-free are simple steps that can make a big difference - don’t panic – read all the way to the bottom for today's assignment.

Furniture: Less is More - This entails a Big... Beautiful Step Having too many dressers, tables and chairs jammed into a space - no matter how large - makes it feel smaller. And have you noticed that stuff attracts more stuff… it just seems to multiply, doesn’t it?

Solution Invite a fresh set of eyes(friend, family member, personal organizer) for a streamlining session. Move everything out, and then open your mind to new arrangements. Bring in the pieces you love most until the room seems adequately furnished but not overly stuffed; the remaining furniture is probably unnecessary. Think about what you can donate, use elsewhere or sell.

TIP: Dressers occupy a lot of space in a room. What’s more, their long, low surfaces invite clutter. If you are prone to clutter, replace a dresser with a highboy, which holds roughly the same number of items but with a smaller footprint. Think about adding a piece of furniture to your closet or add folded clothes and drawers to your closet arrangement to allow this space to do double duty.

TIP: While everything is out of the room, consider a fresh coat of paint. If you want to change your window treatments, this is an ideal time, too. At the very least, give your bedroom a good, thorough cleaning before moving furniture back in.

Clothing: The Hidden Culprit Anytime you declutter a bedroom, you invariably run into an excess of clothing, shoes and accessories. This accumulation is the root cause of a number of clutter problems.

First, simply pare down. Set aside half a day and go through your wardrobe ruthlessly, donating what no longer fits, what you haven’t worn in a year or two, and what’s outdated. Take everything out of the closet and put it in piles to donate or consign, trying on only the items you aren’t sure about. In the process, I guarantee you’ll discover at least one “treasure” that you’ll want to reclaim! Once you’ve whittled down your wardrobe, adopt a practice I’ve been following for years. Put two containers in your closet: one for donation, one for consignment. As soon as I wear an item and decide it’s no longer for me, I place it directly into one of the boxes. As soon as one fills, I pop it in my car and drop it off at my charity or resale shop.

Solution Once you’ve reduced your holdings, you’ll be surprised at the amount of space you’ve freed up. Before you begin to reload, take this moment to sort everything by category: separate shirts, dresses, and tops into categories. Organize shirts and blouses according to color, from light to dark, or by use, such as dress shirts and T-shirts. This system helps you see what you have.

For more help on organizing your closets, check out my YouTube videos - Here and here.

TIP: To further streamline your closet, remove as much as possible from the closet floor. A hanging shoe rack helps get shoes up and in sight. The same goes for ties, belts, scarves and hats. As you organize your wardrobe, it’ll be easier—and obvious—to see what you have and which items to chuck.

Bedding: Streamline It Sometimes the bed itself including all the bedding and pillows can create clutter. The Bed Size: like just about everything else in America these days, beds have become supersized. But do you really need a king-size bed? When you’re shopping for your next bed, consider scaling back and opting for a smaller model is you think your room really can’t handle the larger one.

Solution Also consider streamlining your bedding. Instead of feathering your nest with brightly colored, matched bedding sets, why not go for basic whites or plain pieces in a limited color palette? Plain pieces are interchangeable; you can simply make up any loss with a generic replacement.

Instead of piling on the pillows, pare down to only those you actually use. It makes for a Zen-like bed, and you don’t have to juggle all the extra “show” pillows when you get into bed at night.

Enjoy some beautiful (& organized) bedrooms

Your Assignment for Day Fifteen: 

This assignment isn't really going to be a 'day' assignment, it is more of a 'you' assignment. You are going to re-train yourself with some NEW habits.
Start with you and then move on to the next member of the family in the bedroom... one person at a time is the easiest route.

Ready? Take a deep breath - it really isn't going to be that hard
1.  Make your bed every day—preferably when you get up in the morning and before you do anything else.
2.  Open your draperies or blinds to let the sun shine in.
3.  When you come home at the end of the day, hang your clothes or place them in the laundry basket. Avoid the temptation to drape them on a chair.
4.  To avoid bedside clutter, keep just one of everything out: the book you’re reading; one bottle of lotion; one pair of slippers.
5.  Finally, scrutinize every new item that you introduce into your bedroom. You can avoid the problem of accumulated clutter by making conscious choices in the first place.

Now for a little treat: Want to create a Sexy Bedroom?

Good Luck!