home decor samples - part one

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Yesterday's assignment gave you tips on How to Organize your Paint Samples. Well I got to thinking "What a great start to a bigger dilemma that I bet most of you might have".  Do you have some sort of sample for your 8x10 rug in your living room that you could take with you when you go shopping so you can coordinate and purchase a pillow or two for the sofa?

30 Day Challenge
Day Nineteen: Your Home Decor Samples
Part One
 This Challenge is a Two Part Series (both very easy) - check back tomorrow for Part Two.

Have you ever wondered how designers seem to always pick the right paint color, the right fabric, the right rug ... the right… well, everything? It all just seems so effortless – it seems to fall together so nicely, just like magic. Well, I'm going to let you in on a little professional secret (well, maybe not a secret anymore, if you watch HGTV or any of the other DIY channels)... ok, I'm going to teach you how to tackle the secret - concept boards.

Concept Boards are the cheat sheets of the design world. Anything and everything that goes into a room can basically go onto a concept board. Now, I know, you might not be designing a whole room from scratch or a whole house from the ground up… but as a homeowner, I recommend that you should have a ‘variation’ of the concept board for your home décor samples. Whether it’s a box of samples, a notebook of photos, or a computer file of dream home link shortcuts … we all have some sort of “concept board” already started.

Let’s say that you are going to redo the bedding in a guestroom. What do you need to think about to coordinate the bedding?
  1. Carpet/rugs?
  2. Tile?
  3. Draperies?
  4. Paint colors?
  5. Flooring, Furniture & Cabinetry Stain?
  6. Existing Sheet Sets?
  7. Existing Upholstered Pieces?
Yes... Yes... & Yes... all the above. If it exists in the room, it will affect your bedding choices. Get where I am going? Basically, you will be filing away a 2D ‘dollhouse’ version of your own home. All the items in the room will need to tie together to make the room’s palette complete – including the new bedding. So, where to start? Why, by organizing your Home Décor Samples, of course!

Here are my suggestions on how to organize Home Décor Samples and create your own variation of a “concept board” for each room in your home. Once you have this 'board' in hand, you can shop for décor with confidence, just like a designer.

First, you are going to need a great storage box for all your samples. I think that the best and most convenient way to organize decor samples is in an accordion file with a divided, labeled section for each room (or maybe each project you have) in your home. Label each section with the name of the room (or project) and be sure to use the 'peel and stick labels' so you can reuse the sections once a project is complete. (Is a room ever really complete? LOL) I suggest a durable folder, one that can take the wear and tear of travelling from store to store and the weight of its contents. This is something you take with you for reference during shopping trips and then can store in your home office when not in use.

Your Assignment for Day Nineteen:

Part One: Purchase a durable accordion file with enough sections to accomodate the rooms (and/or projects) in your home and label each section. 

Tomorrow's Challenge will give you suggestions on what to place in the folder. (Bet you can guess the first thing we will put in your folder! HINT: yesterday's challenge, teehee) 

Good Luck!