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Get Clutter Free in 30-Days

With these easy Quick Tip solutions to simplify your life and organize your home, you'll see less clutter each and every day.

We are almost one week into the challenge... are you seeing a difference in your cluttered areas?  Are you starting to think outside the box on your organizing skills?

Tell me, how did you do on yesterday's assignment?


30 Day Challenge
Day Five: Remotes Controlled

Tired of searching for the remotes? Designate a box, bin or basket for the remote controls for your TV, DVD player, and stereo, etc. and always remember to return them when you are done.

This one is easy-peasy, yes?

I know many people have a universal control for their entertainment system <<<jealous>>> but, unfortunately, I have, I think, no less than FIVE remote controls (TV, cable, DVD, VHS - yes, I still have one, Home Theater Surround Sound - what a mess).  So I have a beautiful black lacquered box with a lid sitting on my coffee table that holds all my remotes.... organized... within reach... and out of sight = de-cluttered = PERFECT. (Next stop, my guestroom remotes!) So, if you are like me, a multi remote-control owner, here's your answer... organize them in a decorative way!  Some of the following options are ready-made stations for remotes, so you have choices on how you prefer to organize them.

Ok, cheesy but I giggled so I couldn't resist including this one!

Look closely - An old sterling flatware box

Wouldn't this be cute in a little girl's room? Learning organizational skills early!

There's no excuse for not doing today's challenge.  But the most important step in this challenge it to follow through - remember to return them when you are done.

Your Assignment for Day Five:
Find a storage box for your remotes.
* Be sure to take notice of the size of your remote and choose a box with an accommodating size. This can be easily done for every TV in your home

Good Luck!