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Your home's first impression is made from the street. (Check out my post First Impressions to see if your front door makes the right statement for you.) 

One easy upgrade to any front door is the addition of a door knocker. It's a little like jewelry for your entry - a stylish detail that adds glamour and showcases your personality. 

Knockers were used in the past for saving tender knuckles from the 'tap tap tapping,' but now they are as much for fashion as for function. There are many options in finishes, shapes and styles to fit every door and personality.
According to Wikipedia - A door knocker is an item of door furniture that allows people outside a house to alert those inside to their presence.
A door knocker has a part fixed to the door, and a part (usually metal) which is attached to the door by a hinge, and may be lifted and used to strike a plate fitted to the door, or the door itself, making a noise. The struck plate, if present, would be supplied and fitted with the knocker. Door knockers are often ornate, but may be no more than a simple fitting with a metal ring.

A door knocker doesn't have to be flashy. If you want your door knocker to add detail but not be the center of attention, consider a simple style. A simple ring knocker will add appeal and function. Coordinate your door hardware and lighting with complementary finishes. You can even get a ring door knocker engraved with your initial for added uniqueness.
The Colonial Style door knocker is a well-known look. But just because it has been around a long time doesn't mean it has to feel old. If you like a more contemporary style, use a nickel finish. Change out the rest of your door hardware so it completes the look, creating a grand colonial entrance.
If you have a Mission-style home or like a minimalist feel, these door knockers will work well.
Think about your home and hobbies when selecting a door knocker. Looking for an added touch of the ocean to your inland home or maybe something decorative for your seaside abode?
A polished finish to any knocker adds a regal feel to a front entrance, especially against a dark painted door such as black or red.
How about a classic brass lion knocker that was popular in England during the Victorian age? Lions, and other animals, are symbols of protection. Dogs, as man's best friend, add a symbol of loyalty.
Are you an equestrian at heart? Think of all the things related to the 'hunt'.
solid-brass-door-knocker-fox-1142-pSilver Door Knocker main_0000285248070785ae4665613baf793141019b3360img-thingsolid-20brass-20horseshoe-20door-20knocker-250x250Solid Brass Horse Head Door Knocker

Actually you can display your love for anything by choosing the right door knocker… Golf, anyone?

Are you a Nature Lover?  You can find door knockers in the shapes of dragonflies, frogs, birds and more. Show your pride for nature when welcoming guests at your front door.
Even if guests usually go straight for the doorbell, they'll be intrigued to tap a unique decorative knocker just for the experience.
One of the best known creators of unusual door knockers is Michael Healy. Each one is a beautiful work of art. Check out his unbelievable website to see more: Michael Healy Artistic Decorative Hardware.

Remember, check out my First Impressions to see if your front door makes the right statement for you and your home.
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