recipe friday


·        1 pkg Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix
·        1 tsp dill weed
·        1 tsp garlic powder
·        1 tsp lemon pepper
·        1 tsp seasoned salt
·        ½ C oil
·        1 pkg Oyster Crackers (11oz)

Mix all ingredients together except crackers
Gently add crackers, and mix thoroughly
Place in deep pan & bake at 200 degrees for 20 minutes or until lightly browned
Store in airtight container

pick a number…

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I am not one to go in for all the Horoscope, Birthdates, Signs and Symbols mumbo jumbo that seems to drive so many people in their events of every day life… but I will say I find it all quite interesting and love reading about it.  So when I ran across the concept of Numerology of a Home in Tisha Morris's "Mind Body Home"… I, of course, had to, at least, check it out, right?  Numerology is any study of the special relationship between a number and some coinciding observed (or perceived) events.


According to Ms. Morris, you can find your home's numerology by adding up all the digits of your street address until you come up with a single digit. For example, 3438 Carroll St would be 3+4+3+8=18, then 1+8=9.  If your address has a letter, such as 3C, use the corresponding number to that letter, i.e., a=1, b=2, etc.

Ok, got your number?

home-numerology-1-th2The number 1 or a 1-House carries the frequency of unity, oneness, and new beginnings. A 1-House is perfect for a newly married couple. In fact, it holds a great energy to start anything new, such as a business, relationship, or self-improvement. It is a great house in which to express one’s individuality and leadership skills in the world.

Of course, too much of anything is never good. So, those living in a 1-House should be careful about not being too stubborn, domineering, or selfish. It is a great house to take care of number 1, metaphorically you, but be careful not to do so in excess. Other characteristics of a 1-House include being creative, original, and inventive.

With regard to businesses, it is a great space to bring people together in unity. It would be a great vibration for an office or home office for a creative entrepreneur coming up with new ideas and inventions. That being said, unless working in a group setting, feelings of isolation could set in.

home-numerology-2-th2 While a 1-House is great for individuation, a 2-House has a dualistic nature and is perfect for partnerships. The energy of harmony and a yinyang balance is the predominant energy of the number 2. Whether it is business partners, lovers, or roommates, the 2-House inhabitants will be more agreeable and understanding, while also learning from each other.

The primary challenge with a 2-House is the tendency to become too sensitive to the other partner to the point where they end up not speaking their mind or sharing their opinion. 

Overall, however, the home will have a peaceful and harmonic balance. For a single person living in a 2-house, the home will naturally attract a partner for the occupant. It is also a great office space or storefront for a business owned by business partners.

home-numerology-3-th2The number “3” is known for its fun, extroverted energy, which also strikes a balance with its more spiritual properties. The number 3 is often depicted as a triangle, the trinity, or a pyramid, which is an energetic, fire-like quality lending itself to be very energetic. While the number 2 finds harmony and balance in twos, the number 3 finds balance in threes, similar to that of a tripod.

In metaphysical terms, it is associated with the triangular balance of mind body and spirit. A 3-House is often recognizable from the outside by having strong triangular rooflines. Three represents expression, expansion, passion, enthusiasm, extroverted, sexual energy, fun, and optimism. A 3-House is a great house for socializing and entertaining. It will have a positive energy and allow its occupants plenty of self expression, literally in the home and also in the world. This is a great house for someone who wants to become more social, meet interesting people, and be visible.

The challenge in a 3-House is that it can be so much fun that not much work gets done. Spending too much money could also become an issue. It would be a challenging home to work from for introverted work, such as a writer or bookkeeper. However, it would be a great space for a party planner or events coordinator. I have also come across yoga studios in a 3-space. It is complimentary with the trinity balance of mind, body, spirit, but more conducive with the fiery nature of hot yoga rather than relaxing yoga or meditation.

home-numerology-2Gt3kc-4-th2If feeling too scattered from living in a 3-House, then moving to a 4-House may be just what the doctor ordered. The number 4 has the energy of being stable, reliable, sturdy, grounded, organized, and productive. A 4-House will often be shaped like a sturdy box, similar to a four-square house. It is a great home or office space to start a new business or relationship. It provides a solid foundation on which to build.

A 4-House will also have the energy of Mother Earth and be very grounding for its occupants. It is therefore a great space for someone who tends to be ungrounded, flighty, or has a hard time working on the physical plane. It can help with manifesting ideas into reality.

The biggest challenge with a 4-House is that it can be all work and no play. It is important for the occupants to be conscious to build in playtime and avoid overworking themselves. You can see how numbers 3 and 4 are virtually opposites of one another. This shows up throughout numerology. Numbers one and two are mirrors for one another as are three and four, five and six, seven and eight, and the number 9 being the grandmaster number. Each is the yin or yang for the other.

home-numerology-5-th2A 5-House will embody the energy of activity, change, travel, adventure, and energy. It is a yang number that will always involve lots of movement and activity. In fact, the number 5 is the most energetic of all numbers and is most akin to the energy of change. When I see the numbers 555 together, for example, on a digital clock, it is an indication to me that change is coming into my life and/or globally on the planet.

Both of the houses I grew up in were 5-Houses (113 and 131). It is not surprising, since my mother, who set the tone for the family, has lots of energy. Growing up, there was constant activity and lots of travel. This is the tell-tale sign of a 5-space. It can be like Grand Central Station with people coming and going. The number 5 also holds the energy of knowledge, communication, and writing, particularly regarding travel, other cultures, or new and interesting ideas.

The high energy of a 5-space can be challenging to feel settled or grounded. It can create the tendency to move through life too quickly and be challenging to enjoy the present moment in a 5-House. A 5-space can be very good for a storefront as it will attract lots of foot traffic and stay busy.

home-numerology-6-th2The number six holds the vibration of love, service, compassion, creativity, and artistry. A 6-House is truly a home with heart. This energy will be apparent in everything its inhabitants do from the arts to social responsibility. A 6-Home is often recognizable by its exterior with an inviting front porch, a birdhouse in the tree for the animals, and perhaps some creative art in the front yard. It will often be the most artistic and cozy house on the block.

A 6-House is a great home in which to raise a family as you will often see a 6-House filled with children. On the social scene, while wild raucous parties take place in the 5-House, the 6-House will host the intimate dinner party with friends while sharing stories of traveling to orphanages in Africa. Artfully prepared food and wine from a visited winery will accompany the meal.

Inhabitants of a 6-House love their home so much that their biggest challenge is to not become reclusive. Another challenge is that the home can be so heart-oriented that it can be a challenging home for material success. It would not be complimentary to someone whose objective was to make lots of money. However, it would be perfect for someone who wants to be more in touch with their heart and passions in life, which of course can lead to much success. It is a great home in which to have a service-based business, particularly one that is heart-based. With regard to a business, it is best for office space with healing-based practitioners, such as psychotherapists, chiropractors, or other healers.

home-numerology-7-th2The number 7 is the most spiritual of all numbers. It appears in the Bible and in many religions and cultures and therefore carries the energy of spirituality, mysticism, philosophy, introspection, and solitude. A 7-House is likened to an ashram, or sanctuary. It feels very calm, peaceful, relaxing, quiet, zen, and, in some cases, slightly cave-like. It holds the energy of deep, spiritual transformation.

About 80% of the time I come across a 7-House it is inhabited by a single woman undergoing an extremely transformative time of life. Because of its mysticism and inward energy, the 7-House is also very conducive to honing one’s intuitive or psychic abilities. It holds a yin energy and can lend itself to a more inward lifestyle with few social connections with the exception of a few, deep friendships. It is a great space for someone focusing on their spiritual growth.

The challenge is getting out of the house and feeling a part of the world. Because it is so spirituality based, it can be challenging to operate in the physical confines of the 3D physical world. It is advisable for those living in a 7-House to make a conscious effort to get out of the house and connect with others. It would not be the best house for an introvert who would benefit from a social life.

A 7-House can sometimes be challenging for a couple. Because the home is so transformative, a couple will either grow together, thereby bringing them closer, or grow apart. Of course, the positive side of that is that it will fast track a relationship in the direction it needs to go. For a family or household living in a 7-House, religion or spirituality will play an important role in the home. With regard to businesses, I rarely come across a business located in a 7-space. I would have some concern for a storefront business that is in a 7-space, but it would be ideal for a church or a meditative space.

home-numerology-8-th2If you are looking for material success or wealth, the 8-House is for you. While the 7-House rules the spiritual plane, the 8-House rules the physical plane. The 8-House can bring abundance in every area, whether in the form of love or money. Eight holds the vibration of success, power, infinity, fortune, and fame. Even the 8-House itself can bring wealth in the real estate market. Also don’t be surprised to receive public recognition, or even fame when living in an 8-House. Of course, all of this does not come without hard work, which the 8-House also supports by way of its vibration of power and leadership.

In Chinese metaphysics, the number 8 is the most auspicious. In China, it is common for homes with the numerology of 8 to sell for considerably more money for this very reason. The number eight, by virtue of its shape of the infinity symbol, is a special number. The challenge with the 8-House is to not become so caught up in the material world to where one would lose focus on matters of the heart.

home-numerology-9-th2The number 9 holds the energy for completion. And, with any ending, there is also a new beginning. Nine holds the vibration of generosity, giving, loving, wisdom, compassion, and representative of light workers. The 9-House is a great house for someone who is wrapping up a major phase of his or her life. I often see clients in a 9-House move away to another city or some other transitory time of life.

The 9-House is supportive for ending a phase of life, allowing for a complete release in order to start anew. In the case of one client, she rented a 9-House following the break-up with her fiancé. In releasing this relationship, she also cleaned up her finances and cleaned out tons of old storage items. She was then able to move on, in fact to a 6-House, where she had a thriving healing practice giving to others her love and compassion. The 9-House will help wrap up those loose ends of completion.

The 9-House is also associated with humanitarianism and service. The primary challenge of a 9-House is to not let others take advantage of your generosity. It is also important to take care of yourself while saving the world. A 9-space would be ideal for a shelter, a nonprofit, or other humanitarian-based business, especially if related to healing the past.

home-numerology-izkKGb-11-th2 I once had a client who was having serious marital issues. She and her husband had been separated for over a year with both still living in the same house. She said that they both loved the house so much that it was the main reason that they had not permanently separated and divorced. When I asked what her address is, it was no surprise that they were living in an 11-House. Homes with the energy of “11” are extremely powerful, intuitive, and almost magical. In fact, I rarely, if ever, visit an 11-Home where the owners don’t absolutely love their home. This is an example of the power of numbers.

While you would continue adding the numbers until you come up with a single digit, the numbers 11 and 22 are considered master numbers. As I mentioned, the number 11 is a special number that makes for a special home. An 11-House will have very little turnover in the real estate market. It will not only have the energy of a 2-House, but also that of an 11-House.

The number “11” is considered to be a master number with a special energy. As I mentioned earlier, an 11-House holds an almost magical energy. You can usually spot an 11-House walking down the street. It will sit naturally on its lot and have an irresistible charm. The number 11 holds the energy of intuition, psychic abilities, and perhaps creates a portal for angelic presence. The number 22, while also being a 4, holds the energy of mastery.

Excerpt reprinted from Tisha Morris's Mind Body Home

My Number is 1… I’m good with that.
What's your house's number? 

quick rip: label canisters


Small decorating projects can freshen up your home and be inexpensive.

Put an end to kitchen-counter confusion:

Use chalkboard paint to create labels on glass canisters.  If you aren't into the chalkboard thing, you can tie a label tag around the lip of the jar. 

You'll always know whether you're scooping salt or sugar, and you can erase and change the wording whenever you like.

Louis Vuitton home furnishings

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Question: When is a Louis Vuitton piece of luggage, not a Louis Vuitton piece of luggage? Well, hunnnnnney…. that’s a trick question – a Louis… is a Louis… is a Louis.


But, why should we pack away our Louis Vuitton luggage and only visit it when travelling? I mean, come on, my philosophy is ‘If we have it, enjoy it!’


Louis Vuitton Luggage: What is it and what is it worth?
 according to Country Living Magazine

In 1854, French designer Louis Vuitton introduced high-end steamer trunks and wardrobes. When these rare vintage examples are found in mint condition with all interior parts intact, prices are high.

What Is It? Parisian box maker Louis Vuitton began designing luxurious compartmental trunks. By 1858, Vuitton impressed his wealthy clientele by introducing the first flattop slat trunk. Prior to his new design, trunks featured dome lids, which were hard to stack aboard ships. The flattops incorporated poplar frames, embossed coated canvas, and brass hardware with a patented tumbler lock, and they were customized with a client's initials.

What Is It Worth? Styles include (photo top to bottom): monogrammed canvas steamer trunks (c. 1920; $28,000), orange-fabric cabin trunks (c. 1900; $9,500), monogrammed canvas wardrobes (c. 1920; $20,500).

I am not a 'collector' per-say of anything really but, well, hmmmm, I could do this! Debra Manning, vice president of Hermitage Antiques in Dallas says "Purchase trunks from a reputable antiques dealer who can highlight any special features or restorations on a vintage trunk." Condition is key, because examples were used for travel. Many still contain the original hangers, drawers, and storage boxes. In 1922, a wardrobe was on sale for $115 to $150. Today prices start at $1,500 for vintage trunks in mediocre condition and $7,000 for ones in good shape.


So, back on task - I was ‘surfing the web’ last night (do they still say that, surfing the web?), just randomly looking and googling when I came across this amazing picture (above) that just spoke to me: the color/the warmth/the wear/the back story… You know what I mean; I stopped and felt something deep down inside. Oh my goodness, I just got lost for a while. (Don’t you love when that happens? It’s like you aren't really alone out there in that big world called the Internet… other people have your taste too!) Well, true to myself, if one picture can make me feel that good, imagine how many others are out there just waiting for me to find… so off I went on my quest and look what I found!

Louis Vuitton + Home Furnishings = A Match Made in Heaven

Here’s my inventory just waiting to furnish my home… just kidding!

Got a set of old Louis Vuitton luggage (well any brand would do, but if you are going to do it – do it right!) lying around gathering dust? There are so many ways to reuse those old suitcases in home decor for storage and decoration. There is no need to hide them away in the attic. Vintage suitcases can be in full display and look great.

This steamer trunk was actually designed to hold books for travelling… but, wow, what a great addition to any room in your home, right?


And then there is this little gem… a shoe trunk - a perfect addition to any closet organizer!

What about in the bedroom? …a cute bedside table

…or maybe some storage at the foot of your bed?

ellen-degeneres-portia-de-rossi-home-guest bedroom architectural digest cococozy louis vuitton upholstered bed wood trim textured seagrass walls65c8dc3bbbbdc526ecccff3927405e23
What about in the living room? …the perfect end table

Everyone has used an old trunk for a coffee table at one time or another in their home furnishing life, right?

louis vuitton trunk blue velvet sofa living roomLouis-Vuitton-Trunk-Coffee-Table-2
Of course, we are talking Louis Vuitton, so trust me, it can randomly sit anywhere in your home!

BlogLouisVuittonHouseBeautifulFernandoBengoecheaPhotographer (2)Louis-Vuitton-Trunk-Tablea666e8e56595180ccc7a7b38842f9fa5
cococozy vintage louis vuiton luggage in store window pom pom
The new trend in home furnishings is the Bar Cart (well, not new but definitely back in the limelight)… so how about setting it up with a Louis?

bar suitcase.001
vuitton trunk.001
Now this is what I call a Home Entertainment Center!


Ok, yes, this doesn't have anything to do with Home Furnishings, but I just had to share it with you. Isn't it the cutest?


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