300th post

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here!   

The number of perfection in one sport (bowling); and what makes millionaires of those having its average in another (Major League Baseball, batting average).
A 2006 movie with 300 as the title; about a valiant group of men, 300 in fact, going up against an entire army, as well as a yet to be released movie titled 300: Rise of an Empire (2014); about Greek general Themistokles who leads the charge against invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes and Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy.
movie 2014

There is the Chrysler 300C, and a Mercedes Benz C300, each a distinctive style luxury car all its own.

In the Bible, it was the length of Noah’s Ark (in cubits), the number of men in Gideon’s army, and the number of Foxes Samson captured and used to destroy an enemy’s crops.


Actually, (I am ashamed to say) is also a difficult number in posts to reach.
You see, I started blogging in 2011 when I really had no idea what a blog was or how to go about it… it was simply just suggested to me that I should look into blogging because:
1.      I am a writer by heart and enjoy it (and readers seem to enjoy my writing).
2.     I don’t have any hobbies and on average focus 97% of my energy towards work (so some people believe that I need a hobby for enjoyment – can’t I just enjoy working?).
3.     I have all this design information that I can offer to DIYers and blogging would be a great venue to use to pass this along.
So I looked into it and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT.  I am such a detail oriented person (i.e. the All in the Detail is a no-brainer) that designing, setting up and writing a blog seems to be a perfect fit for me.

However, after 255 posts, well, I guess I shut down… don’t ask me why, I honestly can’t tell you a reason. I just stopped.  And after a while, it seemed more awkward to try to come back…. once again, don’t ask me why. I mean, that beautiful blog was just sitting out there… waiting on me… tapping me on the shoulder every once in a while... you whooooo, remember me? (I am pretty proud of how this blog has taken on it’s appearance… seeing how I didn't even know the first thing about setting up a blog or writing html or anything until I just jumped into it with both feet and if anyone knows me… I do have a tendency to do that.) And then there was this persistent buzzing in my ear that kept repeating itself over and over and over... ‘you need to be writing your blog’… (this would be my #1 Fan and Supporter in Life, Tim – I love you, honey!)

So with 17 months of continually ignoring the buzzing inevitable… I realized it was just plain futile to resist any longer and I jumped right back in with both feet and BOY am I really happy I did.

I didn't realize that:

...I missed my blogging friends so much, their support that they readily show to each other and the positive environment that seems to grow from within each and every day.

...I missed all the creativity that is represented, generated and shared here.

...I missed spending time at my computer for ‘my hobby' and most of all...

...I missed sharing all of my experience and information that has been collected over my up-teen years of design work!

So, yes folks, you are reading Post Number 300 of Design is… All in the Detail!

Applause!    Music!    Fanfare!


… and from the bottom of my heart
thank you for being here.

You make it all worthwhile.