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At the beginning of each year, I tell myself I've got to clean out my closet. I sit and covet all those amazing closet photos with built-ins and organization and all that.

In reality, I probably wear less than 30% of what’s in my closet and the rest… well, I love it but “Why don’t I wear it?” To put that question to the test and to help me keep track of what I'm really using, I think I might try this oldie but goodie of a trick:

Flip the hangers around on the closet rod... It’s That's SIMPLE!  This helps you keep track of exactly what clothes are really being worn. After each item is worn and washed, just turn the hanger around when it is put back in your closet. Within a month, it will be really easy to see what is being worn a lot, and what is never touched!

Here are a three more great Closet Organizing Tips:
  • Make your closet feel more organized with this trick.
  • Prefer to watch a quick video on how to organize your closet? Got one. Got two.
  • Next time you're in your closet, ask yourself this question: “Would I buy this item today if I were out shopping?”

Now, as a reward for just ‘thinking’ about getting organized – some beautiful closets to covet with me:

4_Biscuit with Chateau
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closet (1)
closet organizer

shhhh...... You see, I have this extra room upstairs… Tim calls it an office, but I really think I could put the space to better use!