decorating open spaces

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If your home has wide open spaces, you may have hit a speed bump or two on exactly how to furnish and decorate within the walls. One of the best things to keep in mind if you are working with large amounts of square footage is to create multiple rooms in one open space.

Here are a few easy tips to help:

open-floor-plans- furnishings
Define the area:
Even though you want room to breathe in an open floor plan, it's important to have pieces of furniture or architectural elements to identify each "room." Use a focal point (or two) to anchor the room (s) and help define for everyone exactly the purpose of the space.

Use dividers:
Without the luxury of walls to divide a space, it is necessary to find other pieces of decor to take their place. Use a screen, a sofa (and its back) or a set of chairs with a table set in between could do the trick.

color in open spaces
Use color for flow:
Choose a color palette to use throughout the floor plan, and stick to it. Inspiration can come from the outdoors, the furnishings or just one of your favorite colors to surround yourself in.

dining space
Make statements with lighting:
Another way to set a space apart from the other "rooms" in an open floor plan is to install a distinct light fixture.