... and the kitchen sink

Farmhouse sinks are the ‘newest’ trend in designing a kitchen. I don’t think I have had a client in the past four years that has asked for anything but…. They add a feeling of nostalgia and bring a sense of rustic character that enhances country- as well as traditional-style kitchens. Plus, they are so user friendly that the whole kitchen could possibly be designed around the sink. But you need to note, there is a little extra ‘prep’ & design work needed to add this style of sink to your cabinetry… Extra care must be taken to accommodate the installation of a Farmhouse Sink to a kitchen.

What to Know

The traditional farmhouse sink is a lot deeper than traditional stainless steel undermount or top-mount sinks. It’s designed to stand directly in front of the basin, with no cabinets or countertop in front. This made the farmhouse sink more comfortable to use when people spend lots of time preparing meals and washing dishes.

You will find that these ex-large sinks are more convenient when it comes to washing large pots, big baking sheets, oven trays, and even barbecue grills — items you would generally struggle to wash in a typical size sink. (Clue the utility sink in your laundry room.)


Though designing a farmhouse sink into a new kitchen layout is easy, it can prove more difficult to incorporate one into your existing kitchen layout. The size and nature of farmhouse sinks mean they require custom cabinets to be designed to suit them, as well as a different countertop design.

Farmhouse sinks were originally designed to sit slightly to the front of the surrounding cabinets. They also are usually installed just under the level of the countertop so the counter can slightly overhang the sides of the sink, making it easy to wipe water from the counter straight into the sink.


Typical farmhouse sinks do not have a hole for the faucet, so the tap needs to be positioned in the counter or in the wall behind.


White farmhouse sinks are most commonly made of fireclay or porcelain. Fireclay sinks are made of clay, which is heated to an extremely high temperature that makes the sink hard and durable. It also gives the sink its beautiful high shine. The durability of fireclay means that it is resistant to scratches and chips and is easy to clean.

Porcelain sinks are a ceramic material, again heated to high temperatures, although not quite as high as fireclay. They look similar to fireclay sinks but are less expensive. Porcelain sinks are not quite as durable as fireclay and are more prone to chipping and discoloration.

Stainless steel farmhouse sinks are now available. Stainless steel is affordable, durable and easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel adds a contemporary twist to a sink that is typically associated with traditional- and country-style kitchens.

Farmhouse sinks are sometimes made of copper. The copper material can sometimes have a hammered finish and a colored patina applied when the sink is manufactured. Over time, natural copper develops a beautiful patina as it reacts with the different substances that come in contact with it.

After Installation

Ensure that your farmhouse sink is correctly sealed around the edge. Designing the countertop so it overhangs the edges of the sink sufficiently will help water flow straight into the sink bowl and keep it away from the edges.

monday at the beach

Charming Georgia Coastal Cottage

This coastal Georgia vacation home has all the classic details—broad porches, exposed rafter tails—of a century-old house. But it was only built to look that way.

When warm weather arrives, my mind and soul wander off to the beach. (Unfortunately, my body just doesn’t always get a chance to go!) Whether it’s New England or the Gulf coast, I am physically and emotionally drawn to sand and surf.

So welcome to my new blog series…
‘Monday at the Beach’
Let’s go...

Pastel Living Room

This serene living room came together in a wash of pastels. To promote conversation, designer Jane Coslick opted for four chairs instead of the traditional sofa-centered seating arrangement; she repeated fabric from the dining room on the round ottoman to unify the look of the adjacent rooms.

Understated Bedroom

A piece of salvaged crown molding serves as a shelf and holds a collection of sea coral. Flea markets were scoured and finds were integrated into the decor.

Quirky Dining Room

The 10-foot-long heart-pine dining table was painted and distressed; a hodgepodge of side chairs scored at a local thrift store complement the table. A fresh application of candy-stripe fabric unifies the mismatched set of chairs.

Retro Beach Kitchen

The punchy turquoise hue of the vintage-style appliance puts a chic spin on the space. A tumbled-glass backsplash mimics natural sea glass and contrasts the sleek concrete countertops. Reproduction pendant lighting and period barstools top off the soda fountain look the homeowners hoped to achieve.
What do you think of this cute little cottage?
Is it move-in ready for you?

Many thanks go to my friends at Coastal Living for their help with this.

church on sunday

Whether a church is
simple or ornate, large or small,
old or new, wooden or stone...

it is most likely always a beautiful site to behold.

Today, I share this beautiful image of a church with you
in hopes that it brings
a little peace, a little joy
and a lot of love.

Lord, as I walk through this World,
Let Your Grace Light my Path,
Your Mercy Shelter my Soul

and Your Love Heal my Heart.

recipe friday

Serves: 8 to 10 burgers 


2 lbs ground chuck 
1 lbs ground sirloin 
½ C seasoned bread crumbs 
½ C steak sauce
3 extra-large eggs
1 ½ tsp kosher salt
3/4 tsp ground black pepper
8 to 10 hamburger buns
8 oz blue cheese, sliced
Sliced tomatoes


Carefully mix the meats, bread crumbs, steak sauce, eggs, salt, and pepper with the tines of a fork, but do not mash them.
Lightly form hamburger patties and press lightly into shape.

Prepare a charcoal or a stove-top grill.

Cook the hamburgers for 4 minutes on 1 side, then turn and cook 3 minutes on the other side for medium-rare.
Remove to a plate and cover with aluminum foil. Allow the hamburgers to rest for 5 minutes.
Meanwhile, grill the buns, cut side down, for 1 minute, until toasted.
Place a hamburger and a slice of blue cheese in each bun, plus arugula and tomato, if desired, and serve hot.

creating occasions

Have you had a chance to look through...
Hamptons Entertaining: Creating Occasions to Remember

This is a new book by philanthropist and author Annie Falk and provides readers with a seat at some of the most glamorous dinner parties on Long Island’s East End.

Here’s just a little sneak peek to wet your appetite…

At the Southampton home of jewelry designer Kara Ross and developer Stephen Ross, the table is set with vivid textiles and dotted with sea glass and shells.

The author, Annie Falk, and her husband planned a clambake-style dinner party for 70, where the table was covered in linen and lanterns provided soft lighting

Lisa and James Cohen hosted this intimate dinner party on the dunes. The table is set in a mix of blue and white, and Lisa chose wildflowers as the centerpiece.

In Southampton, Margarita and Edward Allinson created a colorful tablescape for a poolside luncheon.

At an elegant dinner at the home of Victoria and Minot Amory, mismatched chairs surround a table in the garden.

At the Southampton home of Joan and George Horning—a historic renovated barn—a long table with bench seating is decorating with flowers and apples from the garden.

Jocelyn and Michael Pascucci host the ultimate Fourth of July fête at Sebonack Golf Club in Southampton.

quick tip: paper plates

A great use for those too-flimsy disposables in your pantry: Use them between stacked nonstick cookware to keep it scratch-free when stored.

eye candy

Beautiful Beach Décor Living Rooms

Bahamas home of decorator Alessandra Branca

Sag Harbor, New York home of architect Frank Greenwald

Christopher Burch’s getaway in Southampton, New York

Knoll CEO Andrew Cogan and his wife, Lori Finkel, commissioned architect Michael Haverland and decorator Philip Galanes to expand their house on New York’s Shelter Island

A modern Martha’s Vineyard home

Artist Anh Duong’s rustic Hamptons cottage and studio

Hugh Newell Jacobsen–designed residence

The Woods Hole, Massachusetts, home of Joshua Bernstein, a real-estate executive, and his wife, Lisa, a literacy consultant

Theater producer Daryl Roth commissioned architect Thierry Despont to renovate her beach retreat on Long Island’s East End