monday at the beach

Charming & Colorful South Carolina Cottage

When warm weather arrives, my mind and soul wander off to the beach. (Unfortunately, my body just doesn’t get a chance to go very often!) Whether it’s New England or the Gulf coast, I am physically and emotionally drawn to sand and surf.
What is it that has this effect on me?
Does this happen to you?

So welcome to my new blog series… 
'Monday at the Beach'
Let’s go...

Lively Living Area

The living and dining room areas were enlivened with punches of green and coral. Coastal accents—sea grass rugs, coral pieces, bamboo flatware—are scattered throughout to reflect South Carolina’s beach-loving lifestyle.

Soothing Blue Bedroom

Inspired by the harbor, a calming blue palette was chosen and an oyster shell-encrusted mirror was added. Elements were mixed that really bring the room to life—including throw pillows and a killer light fixture.

Tropical Kitchen

The floor is painted a leafy green, which gives the kitchen an even more weathered, beach feel when the boards start to show wear. Vintage-inspired beaded board lends even more character to the room while the white keeps it fresh and crisp.

Relaxing Wicker Porch

Antique consignment stores were scoured to find the vintage fishing net, which provides a focal point in the outdoor space.
What do you think of this cute little cottage? 
Is it move-in ready for you?

Many thanks go to my friends at Coastal Living for their help with this.