a look at the Barefoot Contessa property - the garden

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here!

I have a ‘thing’ about houses…. duh, right?
I have Movies that I love BECAUSE OF THE HOUSE, I have Television Shows that I love BECAUSE OF THE HOUSE, and ok, I will admit it, I have people I love BECAUSE OF THEIR HOUSE (if I love their house – how could I NOT love them, right?)

Well, one of my all time favorite properties has to be Ina Garten’s home in East Hampton. Join me on a backstage pass tour of her East Hampton home, gardenThe Barn and yes, even her apartment in Paris! They are earthy, elegant, simple, and so Ina. 

 Are you as excited as me? Ok, let’s take a look at the garden on her property. I will admit, I am not a gardener but I do appreciate the painstaking time and effort that goes into one and the beautiful results that come from it.

This is an aerial view from Zillow.com of 23 Buell Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937 (obviously outdated – no pool/pool house or Barn). The website states that the mortgage payment would be approximately $19,048/mo. if this exact property were listed on the market today. Although this photo isn’t in focus, it is easy to see the beautiful grounds that surround the main house.

French Doors-InaGarten_Barn
This is the Guest Room in the newest addition to the property, The Barn.
Notice the French Doors open out onto the Gardens. Just a little teaser…

OK, on to The Main Event - The Garden

the garden 1
casacara Ina Garten 1

How about a few photos of the Barefoot Contessa in her element?

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 3_05_06 PM

Don't you just love her taste and style?


Now, hold on to your hats…
I found a video of the Barefoot Contessa giving us a personal tour... enjoy.