details for a beautiful outdoors

Is it time to start focusing on the needs of the exterior of your home?

Here are a few great and easy suggestions on
how to make your outdoors beautiful.

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curb appeal
- in a day, in a weekend & in a month

Everyone knows that first impressions are the most important and the longest lasting.  When it comes to our home, curb appeal is Number One on the First Impressions List. 


With warmer weather comes the pleasure of spending more time outdoors.  Here are some tips on how to expand the home's living space to the great outdoors. When creating an outdoors living – it could possibly ‘double the home's living space square footage’ and if planned accordingly with some very important considerations - it  is a space the might be used year round. 

Define your Spaces

Create a Living Space

Furnishing your Outdoors

Dining al fresco

Make a Grand Centerpiece Statement


I went to some gardening experts for advice to share in blogland and boy, did they come through for us.