details to declutter in 30 days

With these easy Quick Tip solutions to simplify your life and organize your home, you'll see less clutter each and every day. The great thing is that it’s a ‘personal’ challenge. You are competing with only yourself and you can go at your own pace.

You can learn new skills or improve old ones to help you get in the habit of staying clutter free on a regular basis – that way things don’t get overwhelming and out of hand!

It's NEVER too late to get started.

Click on each Gold Link to visit a Daily Challenge.


Day One: A Clear View

Day Two: Fitted to Flat

Day Three: Giving Back

Day Four: Top Drawer

Day Five: Remotes Controlled

Day Six: Successful Entry

Day Seven: For Pets Only

A Reward for the Completion of Week One - Great Job!



Day Eight: Socked Away

Day Nine: Magnetic-Chalk Personality

Day Ten: Pantry Perfect

Day Eleven: Book Smart

Day Twelve: Kitchen Nightmares

Day Fifteen: Bedtime

Day Sixteen: Hodge Podge