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You may say I'm a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…
I hope someday you will join us... And the world will be as one.
John Lennon 

You see, I have this ‘Wish List’ of dreams, wants (and if) and when I acquire my second home… (preferable by the water - gulf is good, but New England would work just as well). Do you have one of those? A scrapbook, little box, pinterest account or computer file where you hide away all those absolutely marvelous ideas and photos of homes that you run across in magazines or the internet that ‘speak’ to you in some way?  Are you a dreamer?

I don’t want to get into the specifics of my “Wish List” – trust me, we could be here forever or longer… But I ran across something the other day on the internet that looks like someone may have stolen my "New England Home Wish List". Yes, yes, I know - I have said time and time again that Diane Keaton’s home in “Something's Gotta Give” is the total compilation of my Wish List for a New England home, and don’t get me wrong… IT IS! But this home runs a VERY close second on the list of “Yeah, I wouldn't turn this down!” And the added bonus - surprise, surprise: it is by my all time favorite architects (the builder of my home) Historical Concepts. I instantly fall in love with anything I see that they have been involved in (even before I find out they were involved. That should tell me something, right?)

For your enjoyment... The Casco Bay Maine Renovation (exterior only - darn)
Photos by Historical Concepts
According to Houzz.com, this private, waterfront estate on the Casco Bay in Maine consists of a Main House, Carriage House and two small ancillary buildings. Built in 1967, the home was typical in design and detail for its era, yet seemed to take for granted the spectacular features of the site.

The objective of this renovation was to be respectful of the original form and massing of the home, which is fitting of its regional context, but to reflect a more refined style on the exterior façade and interior spaces. By rearranging the layout, the architect was not only able to make the home more functional, but also to provide expansive views of Casco Bay.


The goal of this extensive renovation of a 1970s era home on the coast of Maine was to preserve the features of the home’s exterior while revising the details to achieve a more refined style.

Certain stylistic elements were updated to more successfully complement the home, such as the new gabled dormers in place of the former shed dormers on the front facade and a neutral palette of color and materials. A new landscaping concept allowed created better circulation through the site and also established a sense of formality, particularly at the approach to the home.

The architects added a new front porch to this Casco Bay, Maine home as part of an extensive renovation. With a rambling front facade, the new porch draws the eye to the main entrance. Settle Benches, prevalent in region during the early 20th century, frame the front door.

Before/After: While the form and many features of the home’s exterior were preserved, details were revised to create a more refined style. A sense of order was brought to the rear of the home by a re-aligning and re-working of windows and doors, enhancing both the aesthetics as well as the views to the bay from within. This effect is further emphasized by the color uniformity of the siding material across the entire facade. The revised arched window to the Stair Hall serves as a point of interest along the roofline, while plantings close to the home serve to enhance rather than conceal the transition between the interior spaces and the rear lawn.

Isn't it amazing? I just love that property. Unfortunately, all the photos are of the exterior and those few just wet our appetite... why didn't we see the interior renovation? Imagine the kitchen in that home!

Ok, ok... the Houzz article did include a few interior photos, but ONLY four and if you are like me... that is just enough to offer shear torture. If this is you, stop reading now, seriously.... S.T.O.P. N.O.W.

But if you are like me, when it comes to beautiful interiors, you are a glutton for punishment.  

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Let me know what you think… I think we need more pictures!