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Question: When is a Louis Vuitton piece of luggage, not a Louis Vuitton piece of luggage? Well, hunnnnnney…. that’s a trick question – a Louis… is a Louis… is a Louis.


But, why should we pack away our Louis Vuitton luggage and only visit it when travelling? I mean, come on, my philosophy is ‘If we have it, enjoy it!’


Louis Vuitton Luggage: What is it and what is it worth?
 according to Country Living Magazine

In 1854, French designer Louis Vuitton introduced high-end steamer trunks and wardrobes. When these rare vintage examples are found in mint condition with all interior parts intact, prices are high.

What Is It? Parisian box maker Louis Vuitton began designing luxurious compartmental trunks. By 1858, Vuitton impressed his wealthy clientele by introducing the first flattop slat trunk. Prior to his new design, trunks featured dome lids, which were hard to stack aboard ships. The flattops incorporated poplar frames, embossed coated canvas, and brass hardware with a patented tumbler lock, and they were customized with a client's initials.

What Is It Worth? Styles include (photo top to bottom): monogrammed canvas steamer trunks (c. 1920; $28,000), orange-fabric cabin trunks (c. 1900; $9,500), monogrammed canvas wardrobes (c. 1920; $20,500).

I am not a 'collector' per-say of anything really but, well, hmmmm, I could do this! Debra Manning, vice president of Hermitage Antiques in Dallas says "Purchase trunks from a reputable antiques dealer who can highlight any special features or restorations on a vintage trunk." Condition is key, because examples were used for travel. Many still contain the original hangers, drawers, and storage boxes. In 1922, a wardrobe was on sale for $115 to $150. Today prices start at $1,500 for vintage trunks in mediocre condition and $7,000 for ones in good shape.


So, back on task - I was ‘surfing the web’ last night (do they still say that, surfing the web?), just randomly looking and googling when I came across this amazing picture (above) that just spoke to me: the color/the warmth/the wear/the back story… You know what I mean; I stopped and felt something deep down inside. Oh my goodness, I just got lost for a while. (Don’t you love when that happens? It’s like you aren't really alone out there in that big world called the Internet… other people have your taste too!) Well, true to myself, if one picture can make me feel that good, imagine how many others are out there just waiting for me to find… so off I went on my quest and look what I found!

Louis Vuitton + Home Furnishings = A Match Made in Heaven

Here’s my inventory just waiting to furnish my home… just kidding!

Got a set of old Louis Vuitton luggage (well any brand would do, but if you are going to do it – do it right!) lying around gathering dust? There are so many ways to reuse those old suitcases in home decor for storage and decoration. There is no need to hide them away in the attic. Vintage suitcases can be in full display and look great.

This steamer trunk was actually designed to hold books for travelling… but, wow, what a great addition to any room in your home, right?


And then there is this little gem… a shoe trunk - a perfect addition to any closet organizer!

What about in the bedroom? …a cute bedside table

…or maybe some storage at the foot of your bed?

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What about in the living room? …the perfect end table

Everyone has used an old trunk for a coffee table at one time or another in their home furnishing life, right?

louis vuitton trunk blue velvet sofa living roomLouis-Vuitton-Trunk-Coffee-Table-2
Of course, we are talking Louis Vuitton, so trust me, it can randomly sit anywhere in your home!

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cococozy vintage louis vuiton luggage in store window pom pom
The new trend in home furnishings is the Bar Cart (well, not new but definitely back in the limelight)… so how about setting it up with a Louis?

bar suitcase.001
vuitton trunk.001
Now this is what I call a Home Entertainment Center!


Ok, yes, this doesn't have anything to do with Home Furnishings, but I just had to share it with you. Isn't it the cutest?


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