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Get Clutter Free in 30-Days

Here we go... the beginning of a new year and a new you....
and I am here to help! It’s nice to have a new year and a fresh start, isn’t it?
With these easy Quick Tip solutions to simplify your life and organize your home, you'll see less clutter each and every day. 


30 Day Challenge
Day One

Keep your closet neat.
Arrange sweaters, t-shirts, any foldable clothing by color or style in transparent or wire bins, canvas hanging bins or just stacked neatly on exisitng closet shelving.
If it's in clear view, you'll easily find what you want to wear.

The same may be done for other items in your closet. How about organizing your shoes?  Instead of using their original paper boxes, store footwear in clear bins, on closet shelves or hanging on shoe racks for easy accessibility.

Bonus Quick Tip: To keep your boots from losing their shape or toppling over, tuck an empty paper towel roll inside them.

Your Assignment for Day One:
Neatly Fold Clothing on Your Closet Shelves.

Good Luck!

Let me know about your Before and Afters during the Challenge. Take some photos and email me - I would LOVE to hear about your accomplishments!
Let's post some of these.

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