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30 Day Challenge
Day Eighteen: Organize Your Paint Samples

We all know what happens AFTER the walls have been painted. You stand there staring at a quarter full can of paint wondering what to do. Is it worth keeping? What if you need to do some touch ups? If you throw it out, how do you keep those color choices for future reference?

The paint in that can will only be good for a while (if not properly stored) and 9 times out of 10, you won’t reuse old paint. And remember, 'new' touch up paint will probably not match the 'old' existing paint... the existing color may have faded from sunlight or dulled with dust and dirt... and if there is a smoker in your house -well, forget about it! What a mess!

Some of your colors may be a special mixture of paint, something that was computer generated to match something else - a chair, the bedding, your favorite sweater, whatever. Others are just predetermined colors right off the shelf.

Here are my suggestions for organizing your paint samples for future reference:

1. If the color is a ‘pre-existing’ color from a retailer – grab a color chip the next time you are in the store. There are several types of chips: a full strip of different shades of the color (from light to dark), a strip with that color and coordinating color options, or a large chip of the single color. Your choice.

2. If the color is a ‘personal blend’ to match something of yours, take a clean stir stick (or a piece of drywall) and paint a small block of the color on it. Then on the back transcribe the mixture's formula from the top of the paint can. Next time you take this to the paint store – first off, they are going to be REALLY IMPRESSED and they are going to be REALLY HAPPY that it's that easy to match.

3. If you want to hold onto the can for a while (just in case), return the lid tightly on the can, wipe the lid down well so that you can read all the print, wrap the whole can in plastic wrap and turn the can upside down so that the paint creates a air tight seal on the lid. Then store the paint in a room temperature area (not the garage) so that the paint does not thicken and harden.

Your Assignment for Day Eighteen:
It's time to put those big girl/boy panties on!

Clean out all your old half full paint cans.
But remember, you can't just throw these away. Most disposal companies will not handle old paint cans. You will need to take these to a recycling center.

If you can still read the mixture formula on the top of the can, write it down for future reference

Good Luck!

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