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Get Clutter Free in 30-Days
With these easy Quick Tip solutions to simplify your life and organize your home, you'll see less clutter each and every day.  We are almost done but if you haven’t joined us yet, don’t worry… the great thing about this challenge is that it’s a ‘personal’ challenge. You are competing with only yourself and you can go at your own pace.  The idea is to learn new skills or improve old ones to help you get in the habit of staying clutter free on a regular basis – that way things don’t get overwhelming and out of hand!  It's NEVER to late to get started, check out the whole series on the ‘Get Clutter-Free’ page.

Day Twenty Seven: Shop 'til You Drop
Sounds like fun, huh?

A lot of you have been contacting me with questions on ‘where’ to get organizational products to help you in your home.  My answer is start at “The Container Store”.  If you are like me and am a bit on the compulsive side… The Container Store makes you feel like a kid in a candy store. (Find a location near you.)  Ok, they aren’t a sponsor for my blog (…yet) and I am not getting any kind of ‘kick-back’ on this… I just LOVE the store. (Maybe if they see this blog – they will want to start a discussion! Will you help spread the word for me?)
the container store
Today let’s go shopping online and pick out some really great organizational items. 
WhatIsElfa closetelfa 30% off First up is elfa®: This is The Container Store’s best-selling modular shelving and drawer system that can be customized to your needs and your space to help you get organized. It can be used in any room of the home, including a closet, office, garage or pantry. Right now, they are having a great sale too! (ssssshhhhhhhh, this is stepping over the line a bit for me – because my company sells Rubbermaid Built-in components. So if you live close enough to buy locally from The Weinmeister Company in Atlanta – ignore this part, ok? LOL) 
SoloHookClip Solo Hooks and Clips (pkg of 3 - $5.99 ea): Do your scarves, belts and gloves feel like they just don't fit in with the rest of your closet? These can help. They're specifically designed to hold a wide range of accessories that otherwise defy space-efficient organization. They're perfect for not only holding scarves, belts, gloves and shawls in the closet, but also for hang-drying delicates and swimwear.
HangerHamper Hanger Hamper ($7.99 ea): Empty hangers take up precious room on a closet rod and create a tangled mess when gathered in a pile. Hanger Hamper solves the problem neatly by collecting wire or plastic hangers so you can take them to the laundry room or dry cleaner for recycling. Best of all, it helps save some of the millions of hangers that go into landfills every year. It's collapsible so it won't take up extra space when empty. 
 WideAccLoop Wide Accessory Hoop ($3.99 ea): Do your scarves, long necklaces and belts feel like they just don't fit in with the rest of your closet? The Wide Accessory Loop can help. It's specifically designed to hold a wide range of accessories that otherwise defy space-efficient organization too. It's perfect for holding scarves, belts and shawls.
StairCrunchCan Stair Crunch Can by Umbra® ($12.99 ea): Designed to sit on a flight of stairs to collect items to be taken up or down all in one neat, convenient spot, the Stair Crunch Can by umbra can be used to hold laundry, toys, shoes, books or odds and ends. It helps consolidate clutter, reducing your trips upstairs and down. When not in use, it "crunches" down to mere inches for convenient storage.  
PencilCupSync Stockholm Pencil Cup ($7.99 ea): This has a divided interior so it's easy to sort pencils, pens and highlighters. It perfectly coordinates with the entire Synchronicity Stockholm collection
ReceiptWallet Receipt Wallet (SALE $3.99 ea, reg $4.99): This is the perfect portable filing system to add style to your business papers or home project. This compact carrying file has it all. It organizes important documents like paperwork, receipts or bills. The six interior file pockets cascade down and the slim design allows for easy transport and storage.  
Stack&Carry recycle 6 gallon Stack & Carry ($9.99 ea): These help you recycle, even in tight spaces. The containers can fit under a counter, desk or inside a pantry. Once full, it's easy to carry to a bigger bin or empty into a recycling bag. It's perfect for apartments, offices, dorms and classrooms.  
BambooCharcoalSachets Moso Bamboo Charcoal Sachets ($9.99 ea): This great little sachet clears the air with a clear conscience.  They're a naturally safe solution to remove odors, bacteria, pollutants, allergens, mold and mildew from enclosed areas. Use them in cars, trucks, closets, offices, boats and RVs and the air in those spaces will be completely neutralized in about a month. You'll have pure air without the need for chemicals or artificial scents because these sachets are completely fragrance free and non-toxic. 

Ok, this is just a little sample to wet your appetite on products to help you Get Clutter Free. 

Your Assignment for Day Twenty Seven:
You are going to love me for this one! 
Find an area in your home (coat closet, laundry room, office, etc) that has lots of ‘little’ items that need help getting organized and … ready… go SHOPPING to find some products to help in the organization!