kitchen nightmares

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How did you do on yesterday's assignment? 

Ok, I have to admit; yesterday's assignment threw me for a loop.  “Hello, my name is Jalon and I am a book lover!”  And yes, I needed to do the assignment! So I started taking inventory of my books because someday I am going to have beautiful, built-in shelves in my Music Room and I will be able to arrange them to my heart's content. ahhhhhhhh (I will find someone else to dust them though! LOL)
Well, I have to say... I DO have the books (there are actually two of 'us' living in this house with this 'addiction', whoa!) AND they are EVERYWHERE... piled on shelves in the basement, piled under my bed, piled in drawers in my nightstand, piled in the office, piled on the floor in my closet... whew! Now, I will admit that I am somewhat of an "ORGANIZER" - I am very detail-oriented (Hence the blog name) and most things have a place in my home and I keep them there nicely, thank you very much.  BUT THESE BOOKS! (Maybe subconsciously, I am biding my time until those beautiful shelves are built?)  No excuse... but, I can say very proudly that all the books are stacked horizontally, and in the basement I do run a dehumidifier, so they are resting comfortably and safely until their new beautiful home (ever) gets built. (That was eye-opening). How did you do?

So, because I had a 'great' time with the assignment yesterday - I thought I would give 'us' all (teehee) a fun assignment today, ok?

30 Day Challenge
Day Twelve: Kitchen Nightmares

Your Assignment for Day Twelve: 

Watch the below video and pick (at least) one cabinet in your kitchen to get organized and clutter-free.

Good Luck!