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Get Clutter Free in 30-Days 
With these easy Quick Tip solutions to simplify your life and organize your home, you'll see less clutter each and every day.
How are you doing so far? Does an area of your home feel less cluttered already? How did you do on yesterday's assignment?  This is really easy because we are taking it one day at a time... little bites... baby steps, right?

30 Day Challenge
Day Six: Successful Entry

Here's a project that can be as big or as small as you make it.
(Do a little now and expand later with time allowing. Day Six Assignment is small - see end of post).

Is tracked-in mud making a mess of your entryway?
Place a boot tray, an old metal tray or a large cookie sheet on your entryway floor, or tuck one beneath an entry bench or table to hold shoes and boots. 

 I love this one!


Feel a little more creative?

Want to add a bench?


Need more than just a bench for your clan? 
Create an Organization Station or Mudroom 'area' to designate where everyone should drop off their things upon arrival home and this will simplify the morning chaotic rush. 

An old cupboard, entertainment center, unused closet or freestanding cabinet can be used to create a personalized space, shelf, or cubby for each member of the family.  Be sure it is placed near the family's entry door (preferrably back or garage door). This becomes the perfect location to stash backpacks, purses, permission slips, keys, shoes, briefcases, boots, and other essentials the night before to reduce lost items and last-minute hassles in the morning.

If each person has their own place for things - then where else should you look for it? This might take some training on your part, at first... but aren't we all a little trainable?

I love this tucked under the stairs

Notice the hangers on the right hand side of this closet?

Feeling Motivated Yet?

Ok, as promised: Your small Assignment for Day Six:
Place a boot tray in your family's entryway to designate where everyone should place their shoes and boots upon arrival home.
You can take it from here - big project or small... which do you choose?

Good Luck!