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Get Clutter Free in 30-Days
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How are you doing so far? One week into the challenge... are you seeing a difference in your cluttered areas?  Are you starting to think outside the box on your organizational skills?

Tell me, how did you do on yesterday's assignment?


30 Day Challenge
Day Seven: For Pets Only

If you are not a pet owner, or maybe already have things under control here, guess what - FREE DAY - You get a day off!! For all of you pet lovers who need to get a little organized here.... sorry, you need to read on.

Set up a pet-supply station in a quiet area of the garage, mudroom, or laundry area. Install a rack for holding leashes and collars, and add bins for organizing treats, toys, and bones. Do you do the grooming? If room allows, keep your grooming table and supplies set up too.  (sort of like, if room allows, keep your ironing board set up, right?) Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a one stop storage area to have all your pet supplies? Consider this your Pet's Mudroom!

Ok, some of the images below may be a little overboard for you, they are here to get your creative juices flowing - maybe you just take your pet to the groomer. But if you have a large amount of pet 'paraphernalia'... setting up and storing it all in one place is the BEST answer. Here are a few ideas... I have a few surprises for you to enjoy here too! I couldn't resist

What do you think?

Your Assignment for Day Seven: 
Collect all your pet 'paraphernalia' and designate a spot for pet storage in one place. Use your organizational skills and utilize an old dresser, a rolling plastic file cabinet, or a stack of plastic bins, to help you set up your own 'Pet Mudroom Station'.

Good Luck!

My baby, Hurley, opening Christmas presents...
He is totally addicted to tennis balls!