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Get Clutter Free in 30-Days

For some unknown reason(s), my post would not load properly yesterday.  Each time it would try to ‘load’, there was a mishap of something... poor spacing, multiple fonts, various colors, html errors… I think it was almost 4pm before it FINALLY loaded ‘presentable’ and ‘workable’. Did anyone else have problems with Google Blog yesterday?

I apologize to those of you who visited yesterday - only to see either a mess of Day Fifteen's post or only saw the previous day (Day Fourteen) because Day Fifteen was somewhere out there in the Twilight Zone???

Because of the ‘comedy of errors’ presented by Google yesterday, I am offering yesterday's assignment (this link will take you to only to yesterday’s post – not to the complete list of assignments as usual) again to those of you who could not get to it yesterday.  (More on this below with your Daily Assignment)

30 Day Challenge
Day Sixteen: Hodge Podge

Yesterday became such a Hodge Podge of errors that I thought... if you can’t beat them – join them, right? So, thank you Google for offering me today’s post topic for the Challenge.

Today I am going to give you a Hodge Podge of organizational tips.  There is no set agenda with these (until we get down to the assignment, of course), just read over the tips and take away some great 'methods' for organizing your home.

In the Children’s Room

Snap and print photos of your child's toys to create labels for storage bins. Designating separate containers for dolls, cars, and blocks keeps the playroom neat and teaches sorting skills

In the Kitchen

To cut down on dishes, place a bin on the counter to hold glasses, mugs, and sippy cups that are refilled repeatedly. At the end of the day, place them in the dishwasher.

Want to preserve kitchen counter space? Hang mugs, cups, and utensils on an under-mounted cabinet rod using S-hooks.

If your children's paintings are piling up and the refrigerator-front gallery is full, encase them in sheet protectors and tuck them in binders.

Keep a cup of inexpensive binder clips handy for a multitude of uses: Clip them on bags to keep snacks fresh, clamp coupons and shopping lists together, or stand one sideways to display a photo on your desk.

In the Bath

To keep small washcloths from getting lost in the linen closet, roll them up and tuck them in small bins or baskets. Before guests arrive, simply set them out.

Place kitchen pot rack hook on a shelving rack in the corner of a small bathroom to maximize storage and corral clutter. Keep it stocked with toiletries, towels, and bath tissue.

In the Bedroom

Double your clothing storage space by installing two closet rods (one above the other). Dresses, skirts, and pants can hang on the top and shirts and blazers on the bottom.

If you're short on closet space, tuck bins under the bed to hold seasonal or infrequently used items. For your comfort, choose containers that roll or slide easily.


Pull out the baskets you've accumulated, and use them in new ways: Line them with pretty cloth napkins to serve rolls, fill with soaps and shampoos for guests, or add colorful fruit or flowers for a centerpiece.


Give empty tin cans new life. You can leave the labels on if they're pretty or re-cover cans with your own paper. Use them to hold cooking utensils, flower seed packets, or office supplies.

In the Car

Still carrying CDs in your car? Keep them in a visor organizer above your seat. When you want to change the music, you can keep your eyes on the road rather than fumbling with cases.

Your Assignment for Day Sixteen:

Ok, this is going to be a multiple choice assignment.
You can either:
A. Choose Yesterday's Assignment (you get another shot at it)
B. Choose (at least) one of Today's Hodge Podge suggestions to apply in some way to your own home.
C. All the Above. (you know this is the correct answer, right?)

Good Luck!