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30 Day Challenge
Day Two

 Let’s take a look at your Linen Closet

Store neatly folded sets of bed linens inside one of the set’s pillowcases
(See Photo #9 Below).
Organize same-size sheet sets together on shelves. 
Store in marked large storage bins or use attractive, easy-to-attach tags to mark the edge of the closet shelves with the appropriate sheet sizes.

Extra sheets or pillowcases? 
If you have extra pillowcases but use them on the bed (with extra pillows), include them inside the (above mentioned) pillowcase with the coordinating folded set.  If they are just extras, store them in a separate bin marked "EXTRAS"

Photo #9

Bonus Quick Tip: When folding the fitted sheet, be sure to tuck all the gathered corners into each other… then fold the sheet as if it was a flat sheet.  This helps keep all the sheets neat when stacking and folding together.
Here's a Step by Step Instuctional on How to: Fold a Fitted Sheet

Your Assignment for Day Two:
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