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Get Clutter Free in 30-Days

First off, I'm playing around (still) with the design of my blog... just trying to get it right.  I am learning as I go so this is a project in progress.  I want something with clean lines (which I lean towards); minimum color (so that the images and information take center stage); yet stylish and fresh (who wants to read a tired old blog?)
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Ok - now on to the Challenge....
With these easy Quick Tip solutions to simplify your life and organize your home, you'll see less clutter each and every day.
 How did you do on yesterday's assignment? 

Maybe you have noticed, each day the assignments seem to be getting a little more involved and they take a little more effort... The point isn't the completion of the assignment in one day; the point is to know the organizational skills of the assignment and to set a firm date for completion.

30 Day Challenge
Day Ten:
Pantry Perfect
Today, let's focus on your Kitchen Pantry.  Whether you have a walk-in pantry, an area in your garage or basement, or a few designated cabinets... organization in this storage space is essential.  The more organized the space is - the more space there is. Plus, this will eliminate duplicate purchases because you just can't seem to find things on your shelf.

I am going to offer you a few tips on how to organize a Pantry
(see at the end of the post for your assignment)

It makes perfect sense to transfer dry foods, such as pasta, rice, and beans, into plastic or glass containers. Eliminating the bulky packaging saves space, the airtight bins keep food fresh, and you can view the contents at a glance. 

Tired of all the chips and munchies taking over valuable pantry space? Place clear, plastic baskets and storage bins that hold healthy refreshments for the family in the refrigerator. Keeping fruits, cut-up veggies, and cold cuts in one place offers easy, on-the-go options or a satisfaction to that 'continual muncher' you have in your family.

Set up a storage spot for cans, bottles, and other recyclables (in your kitchen, pantry or garage). Depending on the available space, you may want to use small buckets under the sink or large bins against the wall.


Feeling Motivated?
Tackle the whole pantry - try all the above suggestions.

But if you want to start small...
Your  Assignment for Day Ten: 
Straighten the shelves in your pantry and 'take an inventory' of duplicates and expiration dates. The FIFO inventory method is best in a pantry... First In, First Out.

Good Luck!