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Week One… DONE!
Give yourself a round of applause. See, it really isn’t difficult to get organized if you take on individual tasks and stay focused on the chore at hand, right? Tell me, how did you do on last week’s assignments?

30 Day Challenge
Day Eight: Socked Away

This Challenge is going to focus on the horrible chore of LAUNDRY. There are SO many great tips for making this task easier and more organized (see video at the end of post)... so today, I am going to offer you just one for your Challenge. (Maybe we can get back to the LAUNDRY tasks again once we have completed our 30-Day Challenge - but let's stay focused here)

Give each family member a washer-safe mesh laundry bag for dirty socks. This bag can hang on the outside of the laundry hamper so it is easily utilized. If you are feeling a little more motivated (and think your family can handle a bigger jump into Clutter-Free), instead of the bag, give each member the little round rings, or clips to hold the pair of socks together through the laundering process. On laundry day, wash and dry the mesh bags with the socks still in them and give the bag back. Voila - no more missing socks! How about a step further? Give each member their own laundry basket. On laundry day, when you take the article of clothing out of the dryer to fold, place it directly into that appropriate family member's basket. Once laundry is complete, let the family know their baskets are ready to take to their rooms to empty.  They can even personalize their own baskets with their name and decorations.

Isn't this clever?

Your Assignment for Day Eight:
Place a mesh laundry bag for dirty socks with each clothes hamper to help Laundry Day go a little smoother and to eliminate the 'lost sock' mystery. Just be sure to instruct the family on exactly what this bag is for and how to use it!
Good Luck!

Here's some extra tips on laundering your linens.