decorate like a new englander

Welcome to All in the Detail… I am so glad you are here! 
I am always right at home when I am in New England

My utopia is a small community in upper New York where my family summered each year

I feel at peace when walking the streets of Boston

marthas-vineyard Haven harbour
I have a sense of calm come over me when I'm at Martha’s Vineyard

Cape Cod is my ultimate shopping destination

I feel enlivened when I stroll the streets of New York City

PERFECTION is the sound of water lapping against boats and docks

If you believe in previous lives, mine has to have been in New England

lobster rolls
I could live on New England-style Lobster Rolls

Although my visits to the Northeast are far and few between now,
I know that New England is my home away from home.

So the other day when I ran across a House Beautiful article titled
10 Signs You Decorate Like You Are a New Englander
I just had to check it out and of course, I qualify! … do you?

Your home belongs in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, if:

You’re not the stucco or brick house-owning type, it’s strictly shingles and shakes under your roof

lobster brass
You have a brass lobster on your coffee table

lake side party
A lakeside bonfire is your version of a cocktail party

blue and white
You can never have enough blue-and-white porcelain plates

You have a closet full of designer bags, but nothing beats your L.L.Bean

The room leading to your back door is called a mudroom… 
that’s where you keep your boots and cut your hydrangeas

In the summer, you kickback in your boathouse between family canoe races

When you need to meditate, you wrap yourself in a fleece blanket and sit on a dock

Shawn Henderson Residence
Firewood is a winter necessity, but you also embrace it as rustic-chic porch décor

HBX-NEW-ENGLAND-DECOR-STYLE-8Framed pictures of ships… yeah, you have those. 
After all, where exactly did the Mayflower land? That’s right.
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