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Springtime is just around the corner and it will soon be time to enjoy the outdoor life again! I love when I can open up my back courtyard and double my living area. It's so easy to relax outside with your loved ones when you have a comfortable outdoor living space to enjoy.  
I have a soft spot in my heart for anything alfresco… but I really melt when I see a porch swing - not the Big Box Store swing that you just take out of the box and hang with the stainless steel chains -
the DIY Porch Swing that oozes TLC. 

For me, the best example of these is the Porch ‘Pallet’ Bed Swing, loaded up with pillows and oh so inviting. I just walk mesmerized straight towards it. I have never had a porch swing. Actually I can’t remember even swinging on one as I was growing up but there is something about them that ‘speaks’ to me, ‘haunts’ me. Do you know what I mean? It’s like an experience from a previous life or something… I just KNOW I have had one at sometime or another and I really enjoyed it because the ‘draw’ is so strong and clear.

Even the simplest of porch swings can add a peaceful atmosphere to your porch and become a quiet place to sit when you want to read or just watch the sun set.
Whether it’s a wooden porch swing that is durable enough to hold all of your family or a pretty little iron swing for just you and your sweetheart, you can always find the right swing for you, your space and your lifestyle.


How about a Wooden Porch Swing?
The wooden swing is what you want for a comfortable, classic look.

If you prefer traditional decor that never goes out of style, wooden porch swings will probably fit your home best. These popular outdoor swings are made of a variety of woods, including cedar, ash, teak and cypress, so you can pick a color that works well with your yard and your porch.
Many wooden swings are also treated with a waterproof sealant, which gives them a glossy appearance. Many are painted to coordinate with the decor. Either treatment can protect the swing from water damage.
However, make sure your porch is sturdy enough to hold a hanging porch swing before buying one. Depending on the type of wood used, your swing can be very heavy. If you decide a hanging porch swing puts too much stress on your porch, you can find porch swings that are mounted to stable bases and offer you the gliding motion. You can also have the option of a freestanding base to hang your swing from and continue to enjoy that rocking back and forth motion.

Have you considered the Iron Porch Swing?
This is the swing you want for a vintage vibe. To complement a home decorated with eclectic furniture and antique pieces, why not hang an iron swing on your porch?

With their sleek lines and elegant scroll work, iron outdoor swings are both old-fashioned and whimsical. Sitting on cold metal for long periods of time can be uncomfortable, however, so add a few colorful cushions or throw pillows to make these swings more relaxing.

porch swing

Of course, who could say no to the Wicker Porch Swing?
And nothing says, "Come sit a while on my Front Porch" like a Wicker Porch Swing.


This is the swing you want for both a traditional and a contemporary d├ęcor.

While white wicker porch swings have a decidedly classic feel, dark brown or black wicker will give your porch a modern look.
Here is what I am looking for, what I want, what (I don’t have a place for it but) I need – you know what I mean? A big ‘pallet’ bed swing with tons of pillows… one that has enough room to crawl up in, invite a loved one, enjoy the fresh air and take a nap.

You know, I really don’t even care if it goes with my decor or not… I would take any one of these! How about you?
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