antiques in a contemporary setting

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Has anyone else ever gotten so totally lost in a magazine that when you finish reading all the pages you ask, “Is that all there is? I want more, why isn't this a double issue?”

You can’t wait for the next issue to arrive because you have already memorized this one. You are worried that your constant page turning will damage this precious treasure that you hold in your hands. Yes, I still love to turn the pages of an actually paper magazine and actual hardback books… call me old fashion, maybe…. but who doesn't love to go to a book store and take in the sights, the smells, the quiet surroundings, the luxury of perusing endless bookshelves for your next found treasure?

Sorry, back on task… I am having a private love affair (well, not so private anymore, is it?) with LUXE. interiors + design magazine. Their subject matter is divine, detailed and decadent (but in the best of ways) and their photos are breathtakingly ‘yummy’ (can yummy be an adjective for photos?). I even am obsessed with their logo… simple… clean… elegant… to the point… perfection! (Hmmmm... have you seen my new blog logo?)

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Anyway, when I saw this article, Antiques Revived In Contemporary D.C. Home, I was skeptical but I devoured it… hook, line, and sinker. I am not much of a ‘contemporary’ girl, but mix in some ‘antiques’ and locate it in ‘Washington D.C.’… well, "voila" SOLD.

I just couldn’t wait to share it with you – I hope you enjoy.

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See, I told you… “Is that all there is?”