how-to: create a bed to show off your beautiful linens

Spruce up your bedroom by making your bed look like one straight from a five-star hotel.  Placing bedding accessories is an art, but it’s easy to do.

Almost everyone likes to crawl into a well-made bed at the end of the day.... not that there's necessarily anything wrong with getting into an unmade bed. But there's something about peeling the covers down off of a bed that's made and snuggling yourself down into it that makes you really feel like you're getting ready to relax. Of course, in order to do this, you have to make your bed in the morning.

Here's how:

Whether you have a pillow top or regular mattress, I still recommend adding a feather bed before you add your mattress protector.  Both the feather bed and mattress protector can be purchased at any linens store… Unless you’ve made the investment of a Tempur-pedic Mattress. (I just bought one and trust me, it's a little piece of heaven… well worth the investment!)

Ok – next, the sheets…..There’s a reason hospital and hotel employees know exactly how to make a perfect bed - they do it hundreds of times each day. A hospital corner is an efficient way to keep the sheets tucked into the foot of the bed.

Start by spreading a flat sheet over your fitted sheet on the mattress so that the same amount of fabric hangs off of each side of the bed. Tuck the edges at the foot of the bed under the mattress. Then tuck in the sides to create a neat crease at the corners of the mattress.

You should place your blanket on the bed in the same way. Whether you tuck it in ("hospital corners" style) or leave it loose is up to you. Just make sure that the blanket is smooth and even.

At the head of your bed, fold back the blanket (about a pillow’s distance down). Then fold the flat sheet back over the blanket, and smooth it out. (The sheet should hide the hem of the blanket.) Tuck in the sheet and blanket all the way to the foot of your bed.

If you use a coverlet, spread it over the blanket, and fold it half way to the foot of the bed, leaving some of your blanket exposed.

If you choose to use a duvet, spread it over the coverlet, and fold it (in thirds) at the foot of the bed. This will add a note of cushiony softness to your irresistible bed.

Once the sheets and covers are been arranged on the bed…. then comes the fun part – adding your own personality to that irresistible retreat arrangement.

Try complimenting your coverlet and duvet with matching shams and pillow cases. Before you place any of these pillows at the head of the bed, make sure all of your pillowcases are on their pillows tightly and then plump the pillows.

I suggest using 3 Euro Shams arranged standing up against the headboard *except on a twin bed, of course, but you may use 4 on a King size bed. Then lay your sleeping pillows against them, followed by 2 decorative standard size shams, and last but not least any accent pillows you may choose to use.  Try an uneven number of accent pillows to add interest and to please the eye.

This all may sound more complicated than it really is... but remember, practice makes perfect (especially in beds!)

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