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Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here!

Starting with Post Number One in October 2011, All in the Detail has now published its 800th post – the one you're reading right now. It's a big milestone for this tiny blog. I've written about everything from Painting your Floors to Taking Care of Your Pets.

Believe me, there is no one more surprised than me that I reached this milestone. I started this tiny little blog over 6 years ago (with a couple of big gaps/hiatus) simply to jot down a few random thoughts and ideas about design and to share some of my professional shortcuts and tips. At the time, I was in hopes that this might benefit someone else out here in the World Wide Web, too.

As I started writing this post, I pondered what I would share that I haven’t shared before… and this is what I concluded; I love to write. For me, I think of my writings as my babies. They give to me; I give to them; I love them; and when it is all said and done… in the end, they are published and we part our ways benefiting from each other but, that’s OK. They are now out there for others to enjoy and hopefully benefit by all I have given to them.

I put a lot of myself into each post and then, afterward, I rarely revisit them except when somebody comments or points out a typo that needs to be corrected. (Which I do truly appreciate.) I appreciate the real comments – not the SPAM ones -  and am always willing to reply to any question that may arise.

Just a couple interesting facts:

The all-time most viewed post is Designing with a Flat Screen Television  (@64000 views). Who knew Flat Screen Television information would be so popular? But it does offer great advice on a very confusing topic in a very short time.
The second most viewed post is Choose the Correct Chandelier Size (@34000 views). Again, something that can be a very confusing topic.

Any-who, I am quite pleased to have so many followers as well as so many occasional visitors. I hope that everyone finds some useful information and that at least one of my posts inspires each of you in some way to try something new and to recognize design in your own everyday life.

In any case:

I would like to know which post(s) is your favorite?

Which one brought you here for the first time through a web search, another blog’s referral link or from my YouTube or Facebook page?

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Of course, with 800 posts published on All in the Detail, there are obviously going to be a stinker or two. There might be some that are irrelevant to you, some that might have more than a few typos and some that after I wrote it, I changed my thoughts, my knowledge or my techniques on the subject matter.

But that’s what I love about blogging – the wonderful variety of topics specifically focused around design that I have been able to write until reaching Number 800 today.

Now, to help you discover or rediscover my posts and their topics, here are the

Top 10 Most Popular Posts of All Time:

10. A Lovely Michigan Christmas

And to mark this monumental occasion (I mean come on, it's 800), I want to ask you for a favor:

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Thank you so much in advance for your help!

And I also want to say a really big Thank You to everyone who follows and reads my blog, because I know that without all of you... there would be no

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