for the love of a house

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here!

Plain and simple, I love anything that has to do with houses:
  • The Curb Appeal
  • The Landscaping
  • The Architecture
  • The Facade Choices
  • The Floor Plan
  • The Furnishings
                 etc., etc., etc., 

I even have a list of movies that I love just BECAUSE OF THE HOUSE that is in it.
(Note: these are not necessarily my favorite movies, actually some of them aren't even good movies, but the house, oh my, the house!)

For example:

(Thanks to Hooked on Houses for all these great links...
I just LOVE her website because I AM hooked on houses!)

So, as you probably notcied, I definitely have a 'style' of residential architecture that I lean towards when it comes to my favorites. (yes, there are a couple that just don't fit my style category, but a girl is allowed to be a little unpredictable, right?) And if you watch the movie(s) and pay close attention to the interior sets - yes, I know they are just movie lots, but... - you will know why I have chosen these homes... 

As Julie Andrews sings, "These are a few of my favorite things!"

There are other influences too:
I have special Television Shows that I love BECAUSE OF THE HOUSE, I have specific towns and neighborhoods that I love BECAUSE OF THE HOUSE(S) along its street(s), and ok, I admit, I have certain people that I love just BECAUSE OF THEIR HOUSE (if I love their house – how could I NOT love them, right?)

Yes, I have said this all before but LOVE can never be expressed too much, am I right? And I think that sharing the above (Reader's Digest version) list is just my way of sharing 'the love'.