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I am a traveler at heart and have enjoyed the sights of the world all my life.  One day (my personal to do list), I want to get a huge world map and stick pins in the cities and towns that I have visited. Trust me, it is a LONG list.

So, when these cold winter months arrive, it's always nice to make vacation plans for the year ahead. But the big question is, where to travel? So many choices, so little time – and money! HA

Well, to offer us some travel inspiration, Ampersand Travel has revealed the best holiday destinations according to our individual zodiac sign. Yeah, it’s all a marketing ploy, but still fun to look at and dream about, right?

Analyzing the traits and interests of the 12-star signs, the travel company has matched each zodiac to their perfect travel destination.


Aquarius — Japan

Aquarians are creative types who will love the art and cultural appeal of Japan. People under this star sign are naturally curious so will appreciate exploring a new and unique culture.

Pisces — Ecuador

If your birthday falls under the Pisces sign, then Ecuador is the perfect destination for you. Those with this zodiac are considered kind, imaginative and compassionate, so the rich and beautiful landscapes and friendly locals of this country are a great fit.

Aries — The Southwest

Being thrill-seekers, those under the sign of Aries will also love the huge range of different adventures offered in places like Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.

Taurus — Thailand

Known for its stunning beaches and natural scenery, both adventure and relaxation await.

Gemini — Singapore

Geminis should certainly add Singapore to their travel bucket list for the year. Being very adaptable, people of this star sign will enjoy trying out new foods and activities in this exciting country.

Cancer — Italy

Those with the Cancer zodiac sign should book a flight to Italy. They are known to be creative, emotional and artistic, so Italy will wonderfully suit their sensibilities.

Leo — Australia

Leos will enjoy a holiday in Australia due to their big-hearted and high energy personality. This huge country offers many fun activities to channel their energy, from jungle treks to water sports.

Virgo — England

Modest, reliable and intelligent, Virgos will especially enjoy the university cities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Libra — The Maldives

Paradise on earth, the Maldives is one to put on the travel plan for Libras this year. This star sign is romantic and charming and will love the laid-back vibes and stunning beaches of this gorgeous destination.

Scorpio — Denmark

As they are honest and genuine, this modest, but beautiful country is perfect for Scorpios.

Sagittarius — India 

The best travel choice for a Sagittarian in 2018 is India, where they can get daily doses of inspiration and time to think.

(This is my sign, and a destination of no interest to me. May I change my sign?)

Capricorn — China

Are you a Capricorn? Then book your holiday in China! The country is suited to the self-disciplined and wise Capricorn, who will love the culture, history, and philosophy ready to be explored.

Information Courtesy of House Beautiful.com

What sign are you?

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