a lovely Michigan Christmas

I have confessed:

1. When it comes to my family and home, I am a traditionalist.

2. My favorite all time magazine is Traditional Home - of course.  

3. I am a sucker for Christmas.

4. The best issue of Traditional Home is the month of December... the Mother Month of all Traditions. The whole issue is a beautiful trip through Christmas, decor, architecture and 'tradition'. Last week I shared with you the Besser family home in Chicago with A Beautiful Chicago ChristmasIf you missed it, please go back and enjoy the tour.

Since it really is difficult for me to choose just ONE beautiful home from the December issue to share, this week I offer you Kelly and Matt Shuert’s home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Please enjoy!

The English Tudor-style house was inspired by the traditional architecture at the nearby Cranbrook estate and school.
references are pared down in the master bedroom, where a graceful garland of greenery swags the mantel.