are you a "Christmas tree procrastinator"?

Is that tall, picturesque, barren evergreen standing there in your room -  taunting you?
  DECEMBER 14th... Eleven days until Christmas.
 Still haven't Trimmed the Tree?

Well, I have known quite a few procrastinators in my time (and I have qualified as one a time or two) so I know what you're feeling... the longer you wait, the more 'weight' on your shoulders.

If you need a little last minute Christmas push inspiration, here is a collection of photos for you!
(Caution: once you view these photos, there will be NO MORE excuses.)

Still can't find what you need?
Ok - one more place to look.... Click Here.

Take a moment to relax and enjoy, then get to work!

Christmas by the Pool

A Very Pink Christmas

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

A Swan Lake Christmas

An Old Fashion Christmas

A Coastal Christmas

A Traditional Christmas

A Colonial Christmas

A Dramatic Christmas

An Eclectic Christmas

A Tropical Christmas

A Natural Chrismtas

A Fruitful Christmas

Bling and Things Christmas

A Snowy Christmas

A Bright Christmas

A Celebration of Christmas

A Winter Wonderland Christmas

A Peaceful Christmas

A Hide-away Christmas
A Bountiful Christmas

Snowflakes and Icicles Christmas

A Christmas Past

World Traveller Christmas

A Blue Christmas

Nature's Christmas

Standing Guard Christmas

A Colorful Christmas

Merry Christmas