join me for a Tiffany & Co. new year's eve

Do you have any plans for New Year's Eve? Me neither!
Why don't we make it a long "weekend" and take a trip to New York City?

I don't want to fight the crowds to watch Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark drop the ball on Time Square (we can watch that on the flat screen), but... how about we stay in a new 5-star hotel suite and I know exactly where to make our reservations. The Tiffany Suite at the St. Regis 2 East 55th Street, New York, New York (with a cost of only $8,500 a night).

The glistening suite on the 14th floor of the legendary St. Regis New York is both whimsical and luxurious, reflecting Tiffany’s modern aesthetic and contemporary vision within the deeply elegant and historical walls of The St. Regis.

Designed in conjunction with Design Director Emeritus of Tiffany & Co. with John Loring, the Tiffany Suite is 1,700 square feet in size and features a serene and sophisticated range of subtle neutral colors including whites, beiges, charcoal grey and silver, with the signature Tiffany blue as an accent color throughout the suite.

The Tiffany Suite Floor Plan

The Tiffany Suite consists of an entryway foyer, one bedroom, full bath, a large dining room and a living room complete with a fireplace and large windows overlooking Fifth Avenue and Central Park.

Acording to the St. Regis Hotel, this suite is a glamorous setting... An exquisite jewel box. A storied hotel that Marilyn, Dietrich and Dalì called home. Handmade silver leaf wall coverings, unexpected touches of Tiffany Blue and a shimmering palette that catches the light like a brilliant diamond. In this elegant aerie, watch the sun set on the verdant crown of Central Park from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Toast each other with the clink of Tiffany crystal, feast under the glow of a magnificent chandelier... With a 24-hour butler at your beck and call, you may never want to leave—nor have to. 

I can just picture it

We pack your weekender bags... we pack light
(which I, of course, am not capable of doing)
because we will shop once we are there.

Fair warning, I will go a little crazy @ Chanel...

sorry - back to our departure...

Here's your ticket.

Our departure goes off without a glitch....


Arrival - safe and sound... look what the concierge at the St. Regis Hotel sent to the airport for us to ride into the city!

... with roses and champagne, our favorites.

We're here!
The St. Regis Hotel, just off Fifth Avenue... only a few blocks from Tiffany & Co.'s flagship store.  HOW CONVENIENT.

We walk through the revolving door to be welcomed immediately by the bellhop, who makes us feel right at home.

He says, They have been expecting us... all we need do is check-in and we are set for the weekend.

 Up to the 14th floor  - The Tiffany Suite is behind door 1403.
I'm getting excited, how bout you?


The door opens to find the foyer featuring a Tiffany-blue glass beaded and silver leafed handmade wall covering, which enhances the stunning architecture of the entryway. The entry console’s design is a subtle reference to one of Tiffany’s most iconic pieces, the engagement ring. Accent pieces include an intricate jewel-shaped mirror hanging on the wall over the silver leafed table.

Yum - everything down to the sweets awaiting us are Tiffany's themed and quite delicious.

 The bedroom has an expansive porcelain flower installation; a bright, contemporary floral patterned love seat; a Tiffany blue upholstered headboard, and a lush white comforter.


Tiffany knows, "Design is... All in the Detail" - right down to the bed's accent pillow.

The nightstand is furnished with Tiffany & Co. accessories. So beautiful.

Remember, "Design is... All in the Detail!"

The bedroom is complete with a collection of Tiffany's crystal perfume bottles on the lady's makeup vanity.

 The Master Bath leaves nothing to chance... we will have no 'wants or needs' this weekend.

Now let's check out the Dining Room - maybe we will plan a small dinner party for New Year's Eve?

The stunning dining room has been created to resemble a signature Tiffany blue box. The walls and ceiling are painted a Tiffany blue, and the crown moldings and doors are a contrasting crisp white. The 10-seat dining room table is a glossy white, and the chairs are  upholstered in a luxe silver fabric. The crown jewel of the room is a shimmering and sparkling crystal chandelier, which resembles dripping gems.

An ideal setting for hosting a glamorous soiree or chic dinner party, the Tiffany Suite Dining Room features Tiffany china, silverware and classic barware.
They have everything ready for us.

The complete Tiffany Bar set awaits our Happy Hour.

Everything has the Tiffany signature of approval - even this t&co plate.

Now off to the Living Room...

The living room, with a fireplace, showcases the suite’s floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Fifth Avenue with views of Central Park. The furnishings mix modern, deco and classic pieces, including precious Macguire jewel shaped armchairs, a contemporary coffee table and desk with white lacquer and chrome accents and mirrored side tables.

There's a desk for all our correspondence needs... we have to get on our laptops and blog about this place!


Our view from the large Living Room windows overlooking Fifth Avenue up to Central Park.

What more could a girl want?

Well... what's in that little blue box?