create a focal point in your room

Whether you have a cohesive room flow or not, remember that finding a focal point in the room should begin with what the room has to offer. Is your sofa the focal point? Do you have an armoire or a bookcase? What about a collection of plates? You might only have to rearrange the furniture to create the right focal point.

Here are some tips to help you create a focal point in any room:

Place the sofa on the longest wall of the room; it's an easy place to establish your focal point. Hanging a large painting or framed mirror above the sofa immediately draws attention to it.

If you don't want your couch to go directly against the wall, pivot the conversation area into the corner. Place a folding screen behind the couch or conversational chairs so that your focal point will be more inviting and visually arresting.

Reinforce the fireplace as a focal point. A large piece of art hung above the mantel, or propped on the mantelpiece if you don't want it hanging too high, is an ideal way to enhance the area. Keep your accessories simple, and leave the walls on each side of the fireplace free of artwork so as not to distract from it. 

Place throw pillows on the sofa to add interest and create a focal point by giving the couch more weight within the room. If you have a piece of art on the wall hanging behind the sofa, try complimenting the colors of the art with the pillows on the sofa.

In a bedroom, the bed is almost always the focal point simply because of its size. If you have a simple headboard you may want to hang a wide painting or a trio of framed prints above the bed. A simple or elaborate headboard will serve as a focal point or matching end tables with lamps will make the bed seem wider, giving it additional prominence as the focal point.

Your dining room table is not a focal point; the focal point must dominate one wall. What will work? A fireplace, a buffet with a large painting, a grouping or a framed mirror above a sideboard might be your answer. If you choose to make your sideboard the focal point, you can use two dining chairs to flank it and make it more important.

Collections can be arranged to make them the focal point of a room, but this should always be done with an eye to creating a well-organized display. Remember, whether you choose to use one object or a grouping, place it against the wall if you want to have an effective focal point.

If you own a grand piano, no matter how grand it is, it is still a piece of furniture. I suggest that the only time the piano should be considered a focal point is in the home of a professional pianist, where all of the furniture is grouped around it or in a Music Room where the whole purpose of the room is musical instruments.

Don't worry about balancing two focal points in the same room. If you are lucky enough to have both a fireplace and a spectacular view, remember the view should take precedence.