on a personal note: a big girl's Christmas story

I ask for a little self indulgence here this morning, please? 

I just filled a REALLY BIG SQUARE for Christmas last night and I couldn't wait to tell you all about it. Ready for this? I went to The Fox Theater in Atlanta to see The Nutcracker Ballet, yep... I know - totally awesome, right? My loving children gave me two tickets to the ballet for my birthday and I just couldn't wait to go (... and to tell you about it.)

To me, The Nutcracker Ballet and Christmas just go hand in hand, like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, sugar and spice... and everything nice! 

Now, remember, this is the QUEEN of TRADITION talking here...

My daughter and I had an ongoing tradition of "Mother/Daughter Saturday" while (we) she was growing up.  We had season tickets to the Theater and one of her first theater experiences was.... yep, you guessed it - The Nutcracker.  So each year for Christmas, I gave her a Steinbach German NutcrackerThey are absolutely beautiful and a collector's dream. 

So now, there is a beautiful collection of nutcrackers packed away in my basement awaiting her completion of graduate school and the time when she will have her own home to decorate for Christmas (and be able to start her own traditions).  I can just imagine all these little wooden 'soldiers' standing guard over her Christmas decor each year. I was actually thinking about getting her collection out this year and displaying them in my home, maybe standing 'at attention' on the Grand Piano in the Music Room. What do you think?

Anyway... back to The Fox Theater and The Nutcracker. The Fabulous Fox Theater is an Atlanta landmark.  Its Grand Opening was on a snowy December 25, 1929.  Tickets for Opening Day show costs between 15 and 75 cents. (Can you imagine?) The interior architecture and design of the theater are absolutely breathtaking and the recent renovation stayed true to the site's history by only enhancing the landmark's beauty.  If you are interested in more information on The Fabulous Fox Theater, click here.

Now for the Main Event... The Atlanta Ballet's presentation of The Nutcracker. Let me start off by saying that I am really not a ballet fan, and there are probably only two ballet performances that I would actually go to see....  The Nutcracker is definitely one of them (I AM a sucker for Christmas).  From the sets with the Christmas decorations, to the elaborate costumes... from the live orchestra music and choir, to the graceful ballet performers... it is just a little girl's dream (and a big girl's dream, too) - actually, that's the subject of The Nutcracker... a little girl's dream.

The Atlanta Ballet is one of the most renowned companies in the world and this performance was superb... of course, my judgment could have been blurred by the snowflakes in my eyes... yes, there were literally snowflakes falling on the audience during the Snow Scene. The Georgia Youth Choir provided the mystical atmosphere while snowflakes fell  - adding a wonderful 'youthful' touch to the whole evening's illusion.

I can't quite wake up from my 'dream induced slumber'. I actually hope that this feeling that I have this morning doesn't wear off for quite some time!

Thank you to my daughter and son for the beautiful evening and thank you to all of you for allowing a little self indulgence here this morning.

Merry Christmas!