a new series: for your reference

Over the years, I have collected quite an assortment of reference guides for my clients.  Many of them file these 'sheets' in a three ring binder for their reference on future projects .  I thought that this blog might be a great way to share some of these reference 'sheets' with you, too!

I have two previous posts, 10 Questions to Ask a Potential Contractor and Project Checklist, which can be included in your reference book.  Each of these posts is set up so that you are able to download the .pdf and file it away for your own reference.

Next up in the For Your Reference Series: Where to Cut Costs When Building a House.  I know that a lot of you are not getting ready to build a home, but maybe you know someone who is or maybe it is a goal of your's for the future.

Anyway, I hope that this series will include something for you, and if there is a subject that you think would be of use to you for your reference, please feel free to Email Me!