a beautiful Chicago Christmas

As I have said before... when it comes to my family and home, I am a traditionalist. So it should go without saying that my favorite all time magazine is Traditional Home, right?  Well, it is! And what better month to enjoy a traditional home setting than December... the Mother Month of ALL Traditions.

First - a wonderfully warm "Thank you" to Traditional Home for one of the best issues ever.  The whole magazine is a beautiful trip through Christmas, decor, architecture and 'tradition'.  For me, it really is difficult to choose just ONE beautiful home to share with you (I may share more anyway!)... but this home's architecture is so stunning that I just want everyone to see it and enjoy!  So, please enjoy!

A Chicago Traditional (with some hipness) Christmas

Entryway and staircase

Large islands—one in the center of the room, the other dividing the kitchen from the family room—make things handy for caterers serving at dinner parties. A home office is tucked into one end of the kitchen.

For the master bathroom, Rebecca got a Lucite-legged ottoman topped by a puffy white cloud of mohair pelt. (Charlie’s special treat was a bit more practical: a custom-made sandwich station in the kitchen that Horner created out of maple and pine.)

Designer: Martin Horner, Soucie Horner
Architect: Wayne Zediker, Advanced Architectural Design Ltd