are you a collector?

I don't think I would call myself a "Collector"...  There have been times when I did go a little overboard on something. 

While my children were growing up, I collected Boyd's Bears (I could blame my sister on this one, I think she started it first! She even named each one to represent exactly where or who she was with when she got it)... Those cute little things are so sweet and cuddly and each one 'spoke to me' somehow.  I had a bookshelf full of these little furry creatures and they were the perfect item for my little daughter and son to purchase for Mama on any given occasion. Now that they are older, the collection has moved into a Boyd's Bear themed Christmas Tree that is erected each year in my Dining Room... a beautiful addition to our Christmas Decorations.

Elizabeth Tartenbeary

Now, once again, I may have gone just a little overboard on an item (but trust me... when you see these - you, too, will FALL IN LOVE).  Ok, there seems to be a pattern developing here... I could blame my 'second-sister' on this one, she did start it first! Am I really a follower? 

Anyway, these beautiful 'works of art' are... Stone Soup Santas

Cherished Friends

Richard and Shelie McCall, of Stone Soup Santas, began making Santa dolls in 1989 to give as gifts to their friends and thus began the art and passion that today is Stone Soup Santas. Creating these magnificent Santa dolls from their home on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County California, the McCalls sell nationwide to individuals, gift galleries, doll shops and boutiques.

Shelie with Forest Friends

Richard creates the forms: sturdy, freestanding wood-and-metal armatures and Shelie sculpts Santa's polymer-clay head, hands and face. She also creates the costumes with fabrics that have a vintage feel. Shelie and Richard create over 25 different Santas set in their own scenes each year.

Here are just a few of their beautiful 2011 Santas

Will you fall in love, too?

Can you choose just one favorite?

Nodic Nights - Medium Santa - 38" Tall

Knotts - Small Santa - 24 to 30" Tall - This is my 2011 Favorite!

Artic Bounty - Small Santa - 24 to 30" Tall

Tahoe Treasures - Large Santa - 45 to 50" Tall

Just Believe - Small Santa - 24 to 30" Tall

To see more, visit Sheila and Richard at STONE SOUP SANTAS

Did I get you hooked?