windows in the kitchen?

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My own opinion... The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Think for a moment, exactly how much time do you really spend in that room of your house each day? That answer might just make your head spin.

Did you know that no matter how much you take into consideration when laying out a kitchen - there are major existing factors within the room that make major decisions for you? For instance – window locations can dictated the complete layout of the kitchen.
1. Think about your sink position in the kitchen – most people prefer to place their sink directly underneath a window - so the whole design of a kitchen (& that most important Kitchen Work Triangle) can easily rest on the placement of that one sink cabinet alone!
2. And if you like to watch television - maybe watch a cooking show or DVD during the preparation of your meals, you might want to look at the time of day that the sunlight comes through that kitchen window and if it might cause a glare.
3. Most importantly - the placement of every one of your wall cabinets is dictated by the presence of existing windows.

Next time you’re in your kitchen, think about some of the existing factors in your kitchen that made the work triangle and the kitchen cabinetry layout decisions for you.

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Kitchens: With & Without Windows

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