a fresh look for warmer weather

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Spring and Summer are just around the corner.  Now is an ideal time to start thinking about freshen up the look of your home for the seasons ahead, and accessories are an easy, quick way to reinvent a space without making a big commitment or big investment.

Imagine filigree showing up on your walls, your bedding or your fabrics. 
This wrought iron design is inspired by an appreciation of ironwork scrolls and delicate embroidery, and can make any room feel fresh and alive.

Try hanging filigree patterned wallpaper on the walls of your room to create depth and interest.

filigree chair
Add to any room a rattan chair with an Asian filigree motif composed across the back and arms.

filigree fabric
Cover a round skirted table with a filigree patterned cloth for a fresh new side table.

filigree rug
Laser cutting has enabled the filigree trend to appear in many different materials. Lay a filigree patterned rug that’s cut into elegant damask patterns on your floor to bring a note of whimsy.

filigree headboard
And one of the best known uses of filigree – add a boldly carved bed frame to your bedroom for a fashion-forward edge.

All things bird-related are popular inside and out. 

Designers can’t seem to get enough of this natural motif. Exotic and whimsical accents are the perfect dose of warm weather for any room and can make a bird watcher out of everyone. 

bird motif bedding
Softly etched branches and colorful birds can adorn a delicate print for bedding. Whether it’s an accent pillow or a duvet folded at the foot of your bed, you'll get the effect of a painted mural without all the headache of painting.

bird motif chair
Oversized birds printed on a fabric can upholster an occasional chair to add a warm weather feel.

bird figurines
A ceramic figurine bird collection is the perfect note to adorn a stylish room.

bird wooden figurines
Wooden ornamental birds can assert an atmosphere of warm weather and can be displayed anywhere through out the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Changing the basic color of a room can add a new interest and feel to your home. 

Orange has become one of the new hot neutrals. The color of spice, fruit, and an island oasis is an antidote to all the cool blues and grays of the past few years.

A punch of orange on a pillow is a great way to bring a dose of uplifting color into your home without a major overhaul. Photo via

For the bold at heart, place an orange sofa or chair in the living room to accent those neutral browns. Photo via

orange rug
A wool or cotton rug in a vibrant orange underscores your fresh sense of style.

orange wallpaper
The fantastic design of orange bold walls is not for the faint of heart, but will lend serious design to any modern interior. You can try it with just one wall if you want to step lightly into this design element.

orange bedding
Brighten up your mornings with a dose of healthy sunshine; add orange to your bedding to brighten the beginning of your day.

Try adding a pop of orange to a chocolate palette room and you’ll feel like you’ve brought the sunshine in from outdoors.

With the focus on earth-friendly living and everyone going green, embrace natural motifs in your home in a big way. 

When these items go big, they become a statement and when a new decor item is a statement, the whole room will take on a new look.
tree branch bedding
If you like something 100% organic cotton, bedding is a beautiful tribute to Mother Nature and adding branch patterns to a duvet makes a bold (and chic) statement.

floral upholstered chair
Colorful Spring blooms added to a bold pattern on a upholstered chair is sure to liven up any room.

white floral pillow
Like a breath of fresh air, the simplicity of a white pillow with a natural print is both soothing and refreshing. Add one or two white printed pillows to your current sofa for an entirely new look.