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pink pony
I am a HUGE Ralph Lauren fan… seriously, anything with that cute little (or big) colorful embroidered pony on it… and I HAVE to have it, his bedding, his clothes, his furniture, his fragrances - for the past 20 years, I have been wearing Safari Ralph Lauren for Women. My daughter has told me that if they ever stop producing that fragrance she will have to buy a bottle and keep it safely in her home so that she can just ‘sniff’ it every once in a while because that IS her mother's scent.  Why, his stores even give me goose bumps just walking through the doors. AND let’s not forget his own personal homes…. ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Ralph Lauren is a legend.  Everyone knows his name and brand. If not, what rock have they been living under?  He was the first American designer to launch a comprehensive collection of home furnishings in 1983. Over the years, his company has developed a wide range of collections that caters to different styles and captures luxurious distinctive lifestyles.

2011 was a very good year for Ralph Lauren. After the exhibition of Ralph Lauren Car Collection and the successful Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 Clothing Collection, everyone was a buzz around the introduction of the One Fifth Home Collection (an address in NYC), a new line of home furnishings… something Art Deco... Old Hollywood... something Glitz and Glam…??? No, Ralph, please, no… I’m not that kind of girl. But true to form, I took one look and I fell in love.  Somehow just the mention of this style seems to express luxury and his One Fifth Home Collection is no exception. There is nothing simple in this collection. Everything is rich and oozing luxury. The basic color of the collection is black but gold has been used extensively to contrast with the dark color and this gives it a rich and luxurious look. It is the return of the old Hollywood allure, for sure. The luxurious textures have an inherent richness that make every piece in the collection seem exclusive. The entire collection is available at ralphlaurenhome.com.   Want to go shopping?

Screen-Shot-2011-11-08-at-7_43_22-AMOne Fifth Klismos BenchOne Fifth Klismos Bench - Starting at $3,525
Barnet Octogonal TrayBarnet Octagonal Tray - $495

Screen-Shot-2011-11-08-at-7_40_35-AMMaddox Suite Dishes - Dinner Plate $95, Dessert Plate $75, Cup/Saucer $115

 771-27One Fifth Dining Armchair - Starting at: $2,385

771-28One Fifth Dining Side Chair - Starting at: $2,235 

8310-20One Fifth Dining Table – Starting at $8,685 

One FIfth BedOne Fifth Bed - Starting at: $7,785

Warwick Bullion PillowWarwick Bullion Pillow - $250

Blythe Throw Pillow   Blythe Throw Pillow - $195

8310-21 One Fifth Server - $14,250

8300-04One Fifth Mirror - $7,185

TT113817406  Briand Jewelry Box - $2,995

Indian Cove Lodge FauteuilIndian Cove Lodge Fauteuil - Fabric starting at: $5,595 & Leather starting at: $5,985

lamp Gable Table Lamp in Black and Gold Porcelain – Starting at $1,590

Screen-Shot-2011-11-08-at-7_40_44-AM One Fifth Cross Brace Tray TableOne Fifth Cross Brace Tray Table - $4,695

punch bowl Montgomery Punch Bowl - $495

One Fifth Paris DeskOne Fifth Paris Desk - $8,985

Ok – who wants to go shopping? … and maybe buy me something?