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Everyone ends up in the kitchen, they say. Invite a few or 100 friends over and more often than not -- no matter what you've done to make other areas of your home more inviting -- that room full of food and appliances is the one where people want to be. The same goes for celebrities' homes, of course. The difference is they've got more money than most of us, which means their kitchens end up looking absolutely amazing, filled with everything from professional-grade stoves to crystal chandeliers to custom-made floors. Architectural Digest offered it’s readers a peek inside a few impressive kitchens, including those belonging to Sting, Ellen DeGeneres, Gerard Butler, Elton John, and Diane Keaton. You will be amazed at how much each kitchen reflects exactly what you would expect from each celebrity.
elton john and david furnish's la kitchen The colorful and contemporary kitchen in the Los Angeles apartment of Elton John and David Furnish includes Kelly-green walls described as the color of a "Hermes handbag," purple and chrome bar stools, white Poliform cabinetry, and a circa-1969 crystal chandelier that once hung over the concierge desk at the Grand Hotel in Milan, Italy. "We both wanted something very L.A., very '70s, à la the building's architecture," explained Furnish. "Immediately, I thought: 'Boogie Nights.'"
gerard bulter's kitchen in nyc Most bachelor pad kitchens don't have a medieval style or a crystal chandelier, but most of them don't belong to actor Gerard Butler. The actor describes his loft in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood as "a bohemian old-world rustic château with a taste of baroque," and in keeping with the "old-world" theme, the kitchen's cabinetry and backsplash were created from leftover flooring materials.
diane keaton's la kitchen Diane Keaton doesn't have to worry about the kitchen inside her Spanish Colonial Revival home located in the posh L.A. enclave of Bel Air looking anything like her neighbors'. Designers turned three small rooms into a spacious family room and kitchen, which features a Robert Frost quote written over an archway and a breakfast bar covered in colorful tiles the actress picked up at a swap meet. "I bought up every tile in town," she told the magazine.
ellen degeneres and portia de rossi BH kitchen At Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's Beverly Hills home, the custom-made glass display case hanging over their kitchen island doesn't just look cool, it serves as stunning storage for tableware too. The couple created the rustic floor out of reclaimed teak beams, and home cooks everywhere will be drooling over their stainless steel double range and oven created by high-end appliance manufacturer Wolf.
sting and trudie styler's london kitchen After Sting and wife Trudie Styler's London 18th century townhome didn't feel quite spacious enough, the couple had the ground floor, which houses the kitchen, extensively excavated in order to lower the floor and increase the ceiling height from seven to nine feet. The sleek kitchen's ceiling was then punched up to provide space for some eye-catching light fixtures.