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laundry Your laundry room is one of the most important, (… considering the average American family does over 400 loads of laundry a year) and it should be one of the most efficient, rooms in your home. But it can easily become the space for an overflow of all sorts of items that are beyond just the detergent and fabric softener - your pet supplies, extra light bulbs, miscellaneous picnic supplies, even your children's sports equipment can end up being stored in your laundry room. The laundry room can turn into the hamper, the mudroom, the catch-all storage area and before you know it – there isn’t even enough room to do LAUNDRY!
laundry 1 When organizing the laundry room, most people add wall cabinets (and maybe even base cabinets) to help control the accumulation of unnecessary items. I’ve even added open shelving to a laundry room to help create a second pantry in the home.

colorful laundry room The layout of a laundry room will obviously include the washing machine and dryer and there should be a utility sink. In most homes, the laundry room is located immediately adjacent to the main pathway leading from the garage/back door to the rest of the house. So when laundry is being done, baskets and piles of clothes are in the way as you move about. Newer built homes are locating the laundry room on the second floor, out of the way of the traffic and closer to the bedrooms - where the laundry originates and is returned when finished. This location makes so much more sense.
If your laundry room is large enough, you should consider a clothes folding surface and if you don’t have one, definitely a sink to rinse things before you wash them. A wonderful addition to a laundry room is a deep stainless steel sink next to the washing machine to clean all sorts of things that would otherwise be a hassle to clean in your kitchen sink, like all the above mentioned pet supplies, picnic supplies, and children's sports equipment.
laundry-green-cabinets You definitely want to have superior task lighting in the laundry room and I suggest a bright color scheme for this room as well. Doing laundry is work, and you should make your work environment as pleasant as possible. The laundry room is a vital part of your home. If you spend a lot of time folding clothes in this room, then make sure you have convenient power for a radio, an iPod station, or maybe even a small television. If you have a whole house sound system – be sure to install a speaker in there too. Consider at least one of these things to help take your mind off the mundane chore of laundry and folding clothes.
laundry-room 2 The surface of your laundry room flooring is important as well. You want a material that is durable and can stand up to the wear and tear of laundry baskets and all the overflow items (mentioned earlier). Consider a ceramic-tile floor - it does a magnificent job of hiding dirt between sweeping and mopping - if it’s the right color, and when it is time to clean it, a mop makes it look like new in just minutes. Also, consider adding a padded mat to the workspace floor to relieve pressure off your legs and feet while standing for long periods of time in one spot on hard flooring.
colorful laundry room 2 Look at your laundry room - it is one of the most important rooms in the home and should be one of the most efficient as well. To create an efficient Laundry Room, take a little time in the design and organization of the room, consider first-class features like custom cabinets, maybe a built-in ironing board, and energy efficient, purr-quiet machines.  If the room is created correctly, laundry won’t necessarily be a chore any more!
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