white on white

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here! 

Being a designer, I am quite at ease at adding color to my client’s room… add color to bring life - to bring warmth - to bring energy. But there is something about a white palette in a decor that makes me stop and take notice. The contrast of the elements become more pronounced, the wood, the stone and the fabric contrasting against smooth white makes me somehow feel a restful comfort.  This monochromatic palette seems to compliment a home that is full of love,  life and energy presented by its residents and this gives me a warm feeling - like a  old worn blanket wrapped around me. I keep a few white on white images on hand - for occasions when just a glance will give me an inner peace,  that helps me float in a restful state of utopia for a while.

Here are just a few white or white images that I love and hopefully, as you glance at them, you, too, will relax and float in the peacefulness that comes with this palette.

bricked hallway
Picture 45
white bath
white bedroom
white breakfast room
white entrance
white living room
whitte kitchen

How do you feel now?