how-to: paint a ceiling

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Did you know that most rooms have FIVE walls to paint?. Yes, don’t forget the ceiling. Whether you paint it a ceiling white or a matching/contrasting color to the walls… this surface must have paint. I personally don’t care for the white ceiling paint – BORING! (However, I admit that my ceilings have traces of this, yeck – I've got to work on that) Think of it this way; look down in any of your rooms - patterned tiles and hardwoods, decorative rugs and patterned carpets add warm, interest, color, pattern and depth. Now look up – seriously, what do you see? Tricky and often tedious, painting a ceiling can be a challenge but here are some tips on how to add a little life to that fifth wall in the room.
extended handle
Tip #1 Prior to starting (any project), make sure you have all the materials at hand, especially a paint roller with an extended handle (this is your new B.F.F.). An extension handle is much easier on you than standing on your tip toes or standing on a stepladder the whole time.

paint roller nap 
Tip # 2 For drywall, use a roller with a smooth nap; and for textured ceilings, use a thick-nap roller to get full coverage over all those bumps.

painting the ceiling 
It’s really quite simple, if you can paint four walls – you can paint a fifth (it’s just the wall over your head)
Step 1: Remove all the furniture you don’t want dripped on.  Use drop cloths to cover items and painter’s tape to mask around the trim. (only the professionals can go without this step - better safe than sorry)
Step 2: Prime the ceiling, and it’s likely you will only need one coat of paint.
Step 3: Start painting a cut-in line with a brush where the ceiling meets the wall (or trim), then while the paint is still wet, start using the roller until you’re done. It is almost impossible to stop in the middle of a wall and be able to make it match when you come back later. Stop at a breaking point (corner, doorway, etc) in the wall if you have to do the painting in phases.
Presto, new ceiling.
brown ceiling
gray ceiling
detail 10
details 5
details 6
details 9
mural 2
wine cellar ceiling
bead board
blue 2 2 ceiling
blue 3 ceiling
brown 2 ceiling 
cining room
deining room
green 2 ceiling
green 3 ceiling
green 4 ceiling
green ceiling
mauve ceiling
orange 2
orange celing
pianted ceiling 

A painted ceiling, whether it is a contrasting color or an elaborate mural can make all the difference in a room.

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