a place on the porch

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Part One

I love porches, and have since my childhood.  When I was young, I would sit on our front porch in the evenings with my father... not much to look at there - we lived at the end of a street that only had 6 houses, but I would spend the quiet time with him... listening to him talk, listening to the glider scrape metal and enjoying the smell of his evening cigars ( ...he used to say it was to keep the mosquitoes away - he was considerate like that!)

I love porches and all activity on porches: porch sitting, porch reading, porch happy hour, porch brunches, porch dining, porch music.... you name it, everything seems to be a little better with the fresh air thrown into the mix, don't you think?

And now is the perfect time of year to enjoy the porch... not too hot, yet not too cool.  So, come and enjoy a moment or two with me... I've saved you A Place on the Porch.

This sleeping porch in Seaside, Florida is screened and curtained for comfort. Blue-and-white fabrics in varying patterns make this the perfect room to cozy up for a nap.

Two rocking chairs make this screened porch a lovely place to sip ice tea and enjoy an afternoon on the lake.

A casual grouping of chairs in coordinating red offer inviting spots for guests to relax by the lake.

A back wall of doors extends the living area onto the porch. The substantial trim work above the doors adds height for a seamless transition to the tall ceilings inside. A raised planter stuffed with fragrant edibles, flanked by a pair of all-weather chairs, is a romantic and easy alternative to window boxes or an extra flower bed.

 This porch is outfitted with a pair of suspended beds for afternoon naps, cocktails, or just hanging out. Brightly colored blues and greens echo the water and sea grass of the beach setting. (I am a sucker for bed swings)

This sun porch focuses its attention on the view. The furniture doesn't rise above the windows, ensuring as much of the view as possible. The overstuffed off-white sofa is a great place for taking naps or enjoying early evening cocktails.

Indoor-outdoor fabric in bold colors makes a porch both fun and functional. Incorporate plants in the outdoor space to further blur the boundaries between in and outdoors. 

A wraparound porch is a prime family destination. (I can picture myself sitting there on a cool night, listening to the soft sounds of nature.)

Take advantage of living in a pleasant climate by creating an outdoor room with curtains. This loggia is transformed into an intimate dining area by using swags of outdoor fabric hung from the ceiling to mimic the arched entryways. Attached to a simple, traditional rod, long panels can be closed off for sun and wind protection.

 On this porch, synthetic-wicker seating covered in patterned cushions extends an interior's living and dining spaces.

A cozy porch filled with comfortable furniture makes a great place to relax. Pillows give a punch of color to the furniture. Check out the great star design at the bottom of the screened wall. Hardwood floors painted a cool gray-green color give the space additional character.

 Ask any Southerner what they like most about a house, and they'll probably name the porch. Regardless of whether it sits at the back or front, it's simply their favorite place to relax. Here traditional wicker seating and colorful floral cushions are incorporated into the setting, creating an ambiance that's synonymous with Southern comfort.

This outdoor room's substantial look comes from the stone floor, wood-paneled ceiling, and arched openings. Chocolate brown wicker furniture blends in with the natural materials. From the outdoor room, you step down to a terraced pool area where your eye is drawn to a white gazebo.

Ok, I admit, I may have gone a little overboard with the porch images... I got in the 'groove' and just couldn't leave.  I found so many wonderful images that I think I will carry "A Place on the Porch" over to my next post.  

Check out the rest tomorrow!

Thank you to my friends at This Old House for their help with these images.