kitchen #1: before and after

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Day 1: I have to admit, I have seen my fair share of Kitchen Renovations. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE KITCHEN REMODELS... NOTHING says remodeling like a before and after of a great kitchen redo.  For the next few days, I thought I would share a few of my favorite before and after photos (8 kitchens in all) with ideas on how to bring life back into an outdated kitchen. 
I hope you enjoy!
A 6-foot-wide window afforded a beautiful water view, but the glare was blinding - who wants to stand in the blinding sun all day? This room actually looked darker because of the single light source. The vaulted ceiling, however, was a real plus.

The new design balances light, color, and texture in modern and traditional materials. A taller, narrower over-sink window and a vertical glass-block backsplash behind the stove circulate light and minimize glare. Frameless fir cabinets are warm and textural, whereas the cool glass tile is sleek and shiny.

The Details -

Tile: Blue and black glass tiles from 1 to 8 inches square are arranged in a stylized patchwork pattern on the backsplash. Blue-flecked granite is a natural foil for the contemporary, solid-color tile.

Appliances: The substantial range, backsplash, and hood offset the visual mass of the refrigerator cabinet. Additional light enters the room through a small skylight that's contiguous with the wall; glass shelves in the alcove let the light from above shine through.
The Floor Plans
An interior wall between the kitchen and dining room stood in the way of the homeowners' vision of a more unified space. Removing the wall opened and brightened the kitchen and eating area. via