a place on the porch (part two)

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I hope you saw yesterday's post.  Ok, I admit, I may have gone a little overboard with the porch images... but I got in the 'groove' of things and just couldn't stop.  I found so many wonderful images that I had to carry "A Place on the Porch" over to Part Two.

I love porches, and have since my childhood.  When I was young, I would sit on our front porch in the evenings with my father... not much to look at there - we lived at the end of a street that only had 6 houses, but I would spend the quiet time with him... listening to him talk, listening to the glider scrape metal and enjoying the smell of his evening cigars ( ...he used to say it was to keep the mosquitoes away - he was considerate like that!)

I love porches and all activity on porches: porch sitting, porch reading, porch happy hour, porch brunches, porch dining, porch music.... you name it, everything seems to be a little better with the fresh air thrown into the mix, don't you think?

And now is the perfect time of year to enjoy the porch... not too hot, yet not too cool.  So, come and enjoy a moment or two with me... I've saved you A Place on the Porch.

In times past, the open-air sleeping porch offered relief on hot evenings. This sleeping porch has walls that hold long rows of windows. Opened, they capture cool, late-summer breezes. The green paint tones and coordinating fabrics mirror the rolling pasture just beyond the windows. ( I am a total sucker for sleeping porches.)

 A mismatched table and chairs suit this outdoor dining spaces worn yet elegant style, and no coastal porch would be complete without a woven hammock.

This cozy personal porch feels a part of nature with its combination of lush island vegetation and vibrant green accessories. A whimsical ceiling fixture, emerald green marble-topped table, and a patterned rug play off the natural beauty.

Kick back on this cozy, coastal porch. An overstuffed sofa in a durable fabric makes this space an easy transition from beach to bedroom. (This is my next porch furnishings... doesn't it just scream, "Please live here"?)

Create the ultimate outdoor living area with a canopied daybed. It not only breaks up the traditional seating arrangement but also is perfect for naps.

Never enough images of swing beds for me! When closed, louvered shutters on windows and doors offer privacy but allow ocean air to filter through. The natural colors and fibers on this porch remind you that you're at the beach.

Overlooking streams and meandering pathways, this porch is semi-enclosed for easy screening. Both porch's walls and ceilling are covered with reclaimed pickets of a wind fence. Find rustic siding at local building-supply yards or architectural salvage companies that specialize in such materials. 

It's a tiny cottage transformed into a serene retreat.

Oatmeal-colored spa-weave outdoor fabric and a bevy of outdoor throw pillows cover wicker chairs and chaise lounges. A perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon.

There is hope for all the tired living room furniture out there. As an example, these homeowners decided to take a unique approach. To give the old living room upholstery a fresh look, they had slipcovers made from a water-resistant fabric.

I LOVE THE ABUNDANCE OF THESE SHUTTERS! The rustic texture of this wood complements the nautical red, white, and blue accents on this porch.

Bamboo furniture creates a retro-chic dining porch in this home. Update a vintage dining set with a fresh coat of white paint, and pick one accent color, such as sea green, shown here.

Classic wicker furniture gets a makeover with sleek, contemporary shapes. A sheer-weight curtain filters bright sunlight to create a casual, comfortable outdoor space.

On this porch, rocking chairs line up. A rope hammock, still made in accordance with its century-old design, swings gently in the constant breeze. Ceiling fans, crafted out of weather- and tarnish-resistant materials, whir overhead with the reliability of the tide.

 In outdoor living areas, comfortable seating lures guests for a shady respite.

Black shutters and white trim are classic colonial touches, but the crisp black-and-white striped fabric and high-gloss red porch give this traditional porch a modern update.

A sunlit corner provides perfect over-the-shoulder reading light.

Who can resist a tall back rocking chair on a front porch? Antique seating gives this home a "new old house" look.

This conservatory looks old―to have an inviting feeling of age. To achieve the look, all antique pieces and upholstered the chairs with worn, vintage fabrics were used. Even the mirrored wall, which visually doubles the jewel box–size room, is made of antique blocks.

Gather in the cool shade of a white deck; a fan overhead pushes through still air. It's a gathering space to talk about the day and take in glorious view.

 I am a sun worshiper so this image really speaks to me. Accent pillows add a punch of color and pattern to these neutral lawn chairs.

Who doesn't love a couple of secluded Adirondack chairs? These antique-looking chairs give this deck a vintage, lived-in look. (This is were you can find me!)

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Thank you to my friends at This Old House for their help with these images.